Charles Dillon

Experienced quant trader, based in London. Formerly a volunteer at Rethink Priorities, where I did some forecasting research. Interested in longtermism and meta causes.

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Where would we set up the next EA hubs?

"generally really shitty salaries for researchers in the UK" as a downside for Oxbridge - this seems like something any org hiring researchers can unilaterally fix, at least for their researchers?

Concerns about AMF from GiveWell reading - Part 4

I think it would not have been difficult for you to do a back of the envelope calculation for how many net makers would be out of business for each amount of nets distributed (a net maker can make X nets, coverage was Y% before AMF arrived). The lack of even a bare bones quantitative case reinforces my prior that this is very unlikely to be a significant issue.

CE is scaling – our 3-year plan and current hiring round

To break it down into proportions:

About ⅖ of the charities each year exceed the cost-effectiveness of the strongest charities in their fields and have been supported by multiple independent funding bodies (Open Philanthropy, GiveWell, EA funds, etc.).About ⅖ make progress, but remain small-scale or have an unclear cost-effectiveness.About ⅕ shut down in their first 24 months without having a significant impact.

Minor note but these fractions aren't rendering correctly for me on mobile (they're showing up as a little black X), so I would suggest replacing them with percentages or something.

The Liberation Pledge

Thanks for the responses, it's been very helpful! I still do not agree that this is a productive step but I feel I have a better understanding of your approach than I did.

The Liberation Pledge

That deals with the venue problem, but not with the group dynamics one. If my social group is eating together, I do not want to be the one insisting that my presence requires everyone else to eat only vegan options. It's just going to annoy people and make them think I'm difficult to be around.

This is different to meeting one friend for food or something where the ask is smaller, but if there's a group of six friends, say, and only one person is vegan, the ask that everyone only eat vegan options every time the group meets is not going to engender goodwill for the vegan at the table, I think.

The Liberation Pledge

I don't believe this policy is viable for most people without suffering meaningful social isolation as a result, with limited benefits.

In particular, if one has few vegan friends, then this precludes participating in group dinners unless the venue is vegan, which may be a tough sell to insist upon every time there's a group dinner. If one is not in a major metro area with lots of vegan options, it may preclude eating out at all, as there may not be any exclusively vegan dining options.

EA Fundraising Through Advantage Sports Betting: A Guide ($500/Hour in Select States)

Thanks for sharing this!

I don't think that I would have included this statement though:

I am sharing this in good faith that EAs who participate will donate whatever they earn beyond a reasonable value of their time to effective causes

For many EAs for whom this might be a good use of their time, especially those trying to position themselves for direct work, I would think donating this money will be a worse decision than using it to help themselves in their own efforts to do so.

EA Analysis of the German Coalition Agreement 2021–2025

That's interesting, and if true a very disappointing and convenient delusion. Thanks!

EA Analysis of the German Coalition Agreement 2021–2025

I would think that for energy supply reasons Russia is a much more important partner for Germany than Ukraine, and that entirely explains German reluctance to help Ukraine, do you think this is incorrect?

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