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Ray Dalio is offering 10,000 free $100 charity girtcards to the first people who sign up.



Max $100k per charity

This is full, but it's worth getting people to subscribe for the future

I absolutely agree. 20 minutes ago Ray Dalio just Tweeted:

As many of you may have seen, yesterday I offered 10,000 @TisBest Charity Gift Cards to you to donate to your favorite charities. I was so happy that so many people signed up, but felt terrible that others were closed out. (1/2)

With the help of friends I’m working to make more Charity Gift Cards available, and I’m thrilled that @reedhastings has signed on with a donation to spread this charitable way of gifting. Stay tuned for updates on additional donors and when we'll be releasing this next phase. 2/2

Naively I'd estimate a ~30% chance that people who sign up within the next 24 hours receive a $100 gift card to donate.

20,000 more $50 Charity Gift Cards were made available at 1 PM EST today. Will probably be gone by 2-4 PM EST today, so anyone reading this before then sign up now: https://redefinegifting.tisbest.org/