Devon Fritz

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Co-Founder of High Impact Professionals. We enable working professionals to maximize their positive impact by supporting them in donating their time, skills and resources effectively.

Ex-CTO and MD of Germany for Founders Pledge. Big on promoting Effective Giving.

Originally from New York, living in Berlin.


I continue to be impressed by the Effektiv Spenden team. Well done everyone!

To me, based on what you said, you have provided a lot of value to many people at relatively low cost to yourself. I have the impression that the time was quite counterfactual given you didn't seem to have many burning projects at the time. So, seems pretty good to me on the face of it although for every given detail you know way more than I do!

I continue to be impressed by the breadth and depth of stuff you and the rest of the CE team pump out, seemingly on a monthly basis!

Really excited by this and all of the work the CE team has been pumping out!


Quick question regarding programming: You say the first month is about learning and the second about applying, but that the course is 11 weeks. What is the extra time dedicated to?

Strong agree with this. Most EAs would probably agree with these points abstractly, but there is likely a gap in that (I believe) most EAs have not e.g. taken the GGWC pledge.

Hey David, thanks for the question. I just want to chime in from High Impact Professionals' stand point. 

High Impact Professionals has two main products, both of which are geared at getting professionals into more impactful roles. These are:
- Talent Directory - We have a talent directory with over 750 impact-oriented professionals looking for work at high-impact organizations and over 100 organizations sourcing from it. We encourage both professionals and organizations to sign up. I think this doesn't have much overlap with SuccessIf, except with their matchmaking work, where we'd be excited if they matchmade using our talent directory as a source.
- Impact Accelerator Program - We are currently running a 6-week program geared towards helping professionals form and execute on an impact plan, with a focus on identifying and removing barriers to impact. Participants meet weekly to discuss progress on their impact plan and take part in a mastermind session where they discuss current barriers. I'd say this program has decent overlap with Successif's programs, especially the peer support and overcoming barriers aspects.

I think one difference as I understand it is that SuccessIf is mostly focused on AI/Longtermist work in terms of resources dedicated to those areas, whereas HIP is cause neutral in the sense that it doesn't seek to prioritize a particular cause area. But I'll let Claire elaborate here.

I just want to say thank you for being courageous and sharing this and also sorry that you had to/have to go through this.

This is really great to hear!

Can I ask roughly how much it costs to commission such a report? I'd love to see more investigations into different organizations to get more robust data on how impactful they are.

Great to hear! It was on my agenda to reach out to you today and I appreciate the proactivity!

I agree with you and also want to push back on the meme that “all the good stuff gets funded”.

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