I study computer science at Cornell University. I am a public interest technologist interested in using CS to address pressing social problems. (she/her)


Creepy Crawlies (an EA poem)

Me too. Maybe I'll write some.

DanielFilan's Shortform

Poaching, murder, terrorism, and sex trafficking all cause more than just financial harm, although I don't know what portion of the crime prevented by AML laws is these things. Authoritarian states like the PRC, which has been systematically oppressing Muslims and Tibetans, participate in money laundering, too. Decriminalization of drugs and sex work would reduce the amount of illicit drug and sex trafficking, since legal producers would outcompete the criminal organizations, while growing the economy.

Propose and vote on potential tags

Yeah, this would work. A general econ tag could focus on values other than economic growth, including equity and preventing hyperinflation.

Propose and vote on potential tags

"Economic Policy" or "Macroeconomic Stabilization"


  • Macroeconomic stabilization is one of the areas that Open Phil works on, but it's not frequently discussed in the EA community. This tag could be specific to macro stabilization or it could encompass all areas of economic policy (aside from economic growth, which already has a tag).
  • Land use reform already has a tag.


[Podcast] Ajeya Cotra on worldview diversification and how big the future could be

I like Ajeya's metaphor of different "sects" of the EA movement being different stops on the "train to crazy town":

So, you can think about the longtermist team as trying to be the best utilitarian philosophers they can be, and trying to philosophy their way into the best goals, and win that way. Where at least moderately good execution on these goals that were identified as good (with a lot of philosophical work) is the bet they’re making, the way they’re trying to win and make their mark on the world. And then the near-termist team is trying to be the best utilitarian economists they can be, trying to be rigorous, and empirical, and quantitative, and smart. And trying to moneyball regular philanthropy, sort of. And they see their competitive advantage as being the economist-y thinking as opposed to the philosopher-y thinking.

And so when the philosopher takes you to a very weird unintuitive place — and, furthermore, wants you to give up all of the other goals that on other ways of thinking about the world that aren’t philosophical seem like they’re worth pursuing — they’re just like, stop… I sometimes think of it as a train going to crazy town, and the near-termist side is like, I’m going to get off the train before we get to the point where all we’re focusing on is existential risk because of the astronomical waste argument. And then the longtermist side stays on the train, and there may be further stops.

The idea of neartermism and longtermism reflecting economist-like and philosopher-like ways of thinking struck a chord with me. I feel as if there are conflicting parts of me that want to follow different approaches to saving the world.

Prabhat Soni's Shortform

What's the proposed policy change? Making understanding of elections a requirement to vote?

Open and Welcome Thread: January 2021

Hi! If you're interested in CS, I suggest checking out the public interest tech movement. I've been involved in public interest tech for over 4 years, and recently I've been thinking about the intersection of EA and public interest tech.

The Civic Digital Fellowship is a 10-week tech internship in the federal government that is open to college students who are U.S. citizens. I encourage you to apply once you start college.

I also recommend checking out Impact Labs, founded by fellow EA Aaron Mayer. They run a winter fellowship and a summer internship program every year.

There are many other opportunities in public interest tech; some are more aligned with EA causes than others. I can't list them all but you can use this page as a starting point.

International Cooperation Against Existential Risks: Insights from International Relations Theory

I'm happy to see more international relations content on the forum! I've stated here that IR seems relevant to a wide range of EA causes due to EA's global outlook, and so have other users like David Manheim.

Effective Altruism Merchandise Ideas

I had a similar idea very recently. I like the idea of using EA merchandise like T-shirts and stickers to promote ideas associated with EA. I like Brian Tan's CHOICE acronym and I think it definitely belongs on a shirt.

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