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Super excited to see this happening! 

Hi James, I just wanted to say that I think this post is great and is a helpful way to understand the different perspectives! I think it's critical for us to be listening to other groups who are also trying to create a better world. 

One idea I have in my mind (that is probably not well thought out at all) is that having a mix of activists and pragmatists might actually be the best solution to create change. In my mind, the activists are the visionaries who paint a picture of how the world could be, and the pragmatists in many cases are slowly making the change happen, across many fronts. Just a stray thought :)

I really enjoy reading your work and think it makes a valuable contribution!

Thanks Michelle - this was a wonderful reminder of how great a lot of the people in the community are.

Many recent events have shaken and deeply upset me, but I still remain committed to wanting to dedicate my life to helping others. 

People in this community have:

  •  been a large part in helping me to commit to the GWWC Pledge (one of the things I'm proudest of)
  • showed me how important it is to keep an open mind and explore possibilities outside of what I'm familiar with
  • helped me feel less alone in my commitment to veganism and to having a wide moral circle 

Lots of the connections I have made, I hope will become lifelong friends, and I expect a wider set of people will continue to inspire me throughout my life.

I donated 100USD :) Which is about 140AUD (which is the cost of a fancy dinner and drinks out here in Melbourne)

Thank you for taking the time to share this information during a terrible crisis. 

I've added a link to your post on our article on the GWWC website so people can find the organisations you've listed.

My heart is with you and your communities. 

Thanks Megan! Happy Valentine's Day!

Thanks Nathan!! The success of your fundraiser with Émile has got me super excited about trying to do more fundraisers! 

Hi Ariel,

I agree with Ben below that there are a variety of plausible worldviews from which you could make decisions about giving to highly effective charities, and that being open to the variety of worldviews within the community is important.

I think both of the charities you've suggested are also great - but that doesn't diminish my excitement for what FEM does. I selected FEM specifically for Valentine's Day because it's focused on family planning - but I very well may pick some other organisations that empower and support women in other ways in the future.

[this comment, post and fundraiser are all done in my personal capacity]

Thanks Stan for including GWWC in your analysis! 

I definitely think GWWC could be doing a better job on twitter, which you've mentioned above - I'm still considering whether the additional effort is worth it for us at the moment. Regardless I am updating the mix of content to include more about our top-rated charities (this will happen slowly over time).

As an interesting aside - I think people are much less interested in engaging with orgs/brands than they are with individuals. Over the past few months I've experimented with my own twitter account and have found that my personal account with ~1,000 followers gets a lot more engagement on effective giving related content (and even retweets of GWWC content)  than our GWWC account with ~12,000 followers.

Another interesting question for you to investigate is whether it's worth it for orgs to ask their staff to be active on social media rather than investing resources in branded accounts. 

This is exciting! Thanks for writing this up. I'll share the post and calls to action with my networks :)

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