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Would Jimmy personally (or the business) ever consider taking a public pledge to give to effective charities, like the 🔸 10% Pledge - a pledge to donate at least 10% of income until you retire to the organisations that can most improve the lives of others? 

Prominent pledgers like podcaster Sam Harris, youtuber Ali Abdaal, author and historian Rutger Bregman amongst others have raised awareness of the pledges we offer, as well as the principles of effective charities - and influenced more than 1500 people to take a pledge to give, which we estimate will generate over $100m USD of effective donations over time.

Hi Ben,

All pledges taken through partners will appear on GWWC's website and will be treat as "direct" pledges! Partners could also decide to display the people who pledged through their "club" - but we're mindful that impact isn't double counted!

Most people will be added to our english comms about the pledge, but in some cases, where the audience does not speak english, they may not receive the same comms from GWWC, with the expectation that our partner will communicate in their language. We're handling this on a case by case basis.

At the moment, people will be directed to our website to report their donations and update their profile - but as we develop our partnerships further, we may include ability to report in our API or place the reporting of donations on a more neutral website. We decided to see how the partnerships go before investing more technical time but we're excited for what the future could hold in this direction!

Thanks Oscar - I updated the reference on LinkedIn!

I don't think there's a good way to tag GWWC on LinkedIn in the bio or headline, sadly.

Yeah this is a good point - we tried to keep the communications short but this missed the nuance of how to actually update it! We're seeing if we can create some guidance but it's on our list of lower priority tasks.

This is a bummer - we didn't realise! But it can still be added to the bio if you like - hopefully that's a reasonable alternative!

Ah, I was hoping it would be clear from the image that we included - but perhaps that wasn't quite enough to get the point across! 

Totally fine if you want to remove the number! Thanks for updating your profile :)

Hi Andrew - we did notice the similarity many months ago when we started planning the launch - but with the election being called a few weeks ago, the comparison has definitely gotten more noticeable. 

At the time, we thought it wasn't a big issue, and once the election is over, I suspect it will go back to being much less of an issue as well. Keeping in mind that less than a quarter of our community is in the UK - and the symbol doesn't have any clear association outside the UK.

Partly we are using the little orange diamond because it fits nicely with our GWWC logo having a small diamond, and the only two diamond emoji colours are orange and blue - and blue didn't fit as well with our colour palette.

My hope is that by the next election cycle, the Lib Dems feel like they need to adopt a new symbol because the 🔸10% Pledge is so prominent!

Hi Rebecca! As always, grateful for your support of people in the community and helping them get their finances sorted!

We do encourage people to give regularly as part of the pledge, and would generally encourage people who are using DAFs as part of their giving strategy to disburse funds from it regularly so that they are actively contributing to doing good in the world now, rather than later. I do think that it’s possible for people to strongly believe that waiting for a particular moment in time might be the best use of their funds, i.e. development or approval of a particular technology like a vaccine which could be consistent with The Pledge. People with different worldviews and reasoning might feel very differently about this so we generally leave some room for interpretation (In fact, there's a whole forum topic on donation timing with many years of discussion on this). My personal view is that people should give regularly, and allowing “donation debt” to build up for more than a couple of years is not ideal.

Might also be relevant for people to read our FAQ on why give now rather than later? as well!

We do occasionally promote the Company Pledge in our newsletter and on our social media, especially on LinkedIn where businesses are most likely to see it! Mostly - we are just constrained in our efforts to promote our work more generally!

We are getting new Company Pledges every so often, and are really excited to have new Companies join! We’ve had Bullet Journal (a popular journaling system and product) join recently - and another great business in the works!

We may decide to step up on promoting the Company Pledge but seeing there are other great pledges for companies like Founders Pledge we put most of our emphasis on individual pledges where we think we have a competitive advantage.

Always helpful for us to know that you haven’t seen any promotion of the Company Pledge, so we can calibrate on what is getting through and what’s not!

Thanks Brad - I think all of those are reasonable considerations! As mentioned in my response to Owen - we'll review this messaging based on this feedback! Thanks for sharing your reasoning!

Thanks Owen - I think those things are all reasonable - we might look to update this paragraph on the blog and update our messaging around this! It's always a challenge to write in a way that's engaging and legible to those outside the community, and also reflects all of the nuance expected in the community. We of course, always try to do our best, but sometimes we might miss the mark and we're always open to changing our minds!

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