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Thanks a lot! Could I get an invite or join? I hope I can contribute, as it became a thing for one of our org.

I actually wrote to Chana already, but she responded that she doesn't manage the group and doesn't know who does nor what the group's rules are. Seems hard to get in.

Cool tool! Thanks for doing this.

Also, I want to appreciate the focus on the user (e.g. being very cautious about adding something that is gonna complicate the usage). You have successfully resisted the temptation 😁!

That is an awesome tool, congratulations on the release!

Hey. There is a link in optional questions to FTX Future Fund projects, but that is dead already, obviously, so you get 404. (https://ftxfuturefund.org/projects/)

Really enjoyed this post and shamelessly plan to steal some of the ideas in hiring I do for Metaculus.

Hi David. Thanks for the observation and a gotcha. I will pass this information over (and also note it down for myself, it's interesting :-) ). But I am skeptical in how much I have an influence around this. Nevertheless, I believe that the researches behind this survey will be interested as I mentioned in the post, there should be another window of possibility later on (as the study should be done periodically).

Answer by hnykdaJan 03, 202010

Post updated, see UPDATE2

Some of the proposals have been accepted, more about the response here.

Hi! Not too late! Thanks for ideas. The worry I have is about what @David_Moss mentioned above, e.g. people think that they _do_ donate to effective charities already (or that they do not donate to ineffective ones)... Do you have an idea about how to fight that?

Anyway, I am going to put these down into suggestions/considerations, it's good for inspiration at least.

Yeah, these are my biggest concerns too, that's why I think it can't be done in that "straightforward" way...

That said, I'd be interested if you would ask people whether they agree or disagree with some statements along the lines of: "Some charitable causes are objectively better than others." "You can't compare whether different charitable causes are better or worse than each other."

This seems like a promising direction. I created a document where I am gonna try to somehow summarize these and turn into questions. Feel free to contribute directly. I would be super grateful.

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