Hi! First of all, I'm from the Web 3.0 part of the Internet. To me that means Tumblr circa 2020, give or take two years. Secondly, welcome (back) to the Human Family. Thirdly, I'm a happy member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. Not because every other member has treated me well, but because our canon makes good sense to me. (It is, after all, what gave me my transhumanist streak.)

Most of my online presence for the past seven years has been on Sufficient Velocity. Since then, I've been trying to diversify, since I've only just noticed how hidebound and uncharitable I've grown.

My next megaproject seems like Web 4.0 architecture. I suspect Web 4.0 should combine all the best bits of Zettelkastens, emotion-based rating systems, DIY webrings, game design, and other bits I haven't seen yet, particularly 'Web 3.0'.

My current homepage is here: https://forums.spacebattles.com/threads/horatios-general-purpose-recs-list.965864/

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Light Before Darkness

I am all of these things! I am a foreigner from a different part of the Internet!

Welcome to the Human Family. There have been a lot of prophecies of us, and we only get more complicated. Glad to have you aboard.

World Climate Legionnaires

It's called Dungeonthrone, and it's right here. https://forums.sufficientvelocity.com/threads/dungeonthrone.88287/

World Climate Legionnaires

I had a friend who went by @Kittygirl once. I hope they (they were plural) are both still alright. Their account has been deactivated on the forum that was my previous home.

Incidentally, I think you might, possibly, be interested in the Sci-Fi/Fantasy work I've been making. Right now it's hypertext fiction, hopefully it [never/always] ends up as hypertime fiction.

Light Before Darkness

The core of my religion is charity. The next step is science. I often say two things and mean three.

Does that make sense?

(If it doesn't, here's more:


Light Before Darkness

Hm. I've probably been doing too much writing-against instead of writing-towards. This wasn't really meant as fiction, per se, but as a bit of 'this is why and how I live my religion' poesy, and using poetic license to make stronger claims than might otherwise be noticed.

But I probably wasn't blunt enough. This is EA, not LessWrong. Sorry!

Open Thread: September 2021

Hi. I'm Helaman Aorangi Wilson, recently moved to New Zealand, still living with my (excellent) family, and I've been having trouble persuading the LessWrong community that the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints is not, in fact, the Robot Antichrist.

In other news, I'm a transhumanist who views his current body as a pilgrimage.

Those bits of eccentricity frontloaded, does anyone else have an interest in languages, hypertext fiction, and neural networks? I'm hoping I can make an AI child that will love everyone and take care of us in our old age.

Light Before Darkness

Seven votes, and a net sum of -1. Interesting. It appears my poesy-thing is quite polarizing.

I would like to welcome articulate criticism, though.