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1. This is a  good point, I hope that we weighted heavily enough on delivery but it's not certain.  I imagine that sometime next year when we review the progress and impact of grantees this will be something we consider more thoroughly, and will adjust accordingly. 

2. Yep - I should have been more specific, the I and N were applied to the problem area as a whole and the T was applied to the proposed intervention. In hindsight, maybe we could have weighted this more heavily in favour of the actual intervention being assessed.  This was in part exacerbated by us taking a sort of worldview diversification approach and not having a specific cause area focus. I imagine more tailored funders avoid this problem as they pick a cause area they deem to be important ahead of time and then are only evaluating on the merit of the intervention, whereas we had to incorporate assessments of both the problem area and  the proposed project. 

3. Hmm - unfortunately not really in the global health space. The Effective Thesis database here has some sources of funds I hadn't heard of, and the funding opportunities tag might be useful, but they tend to be more longtermist focused. If you message me with details of your project then I'd be happy to think about people I could connect you with.