Ivan Burduk

Senior Events Associate @ Centre for Effective Altruism
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Academic background: BE(Hons) ChemE, BSc Physics, Chemistry.

Career background:

  • Research science & engineering, product development, project management, quality systems.
  • Helped build and support the EA community across NZ and Australia on an EAIF Grant (2021-2022), and co-founded the EA Auckland University group in 2015.

Hobbies: Perfumery, bouldering/climbing, fire-dancing, chess and strategy board games

Professional generalist

Let's meet! https://usemotion.com/meet/ivan-burduk/meeting 

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Hi Caleb,

Ivan from the EAG team here — I'm responsible for a bunch of the systems we use at our events (including Swapcard).

Thanks for flagging this! It's useful to hear that this could do with more clarity. Unfortunately, there isn't a way we can add help text or sub text to the Swapcard fields due to Swapcard limitations. However, we could rename the labels/field names to make this clearer..?

For example

  • Areas of Expertise (3+ months work experience)
  • Areas of Interest (actively seeking to learn more)

Does that sound like something that would be helpful for you to know what to put down? I'll take this to the EAG team and see if we can come up with something better. Let me know if you have other suggestions!

This piqued my curiosity, so I looked into it — it seems that there's a pretty equal split between pre-conference meetings scheduled (2449) and during-conference meetings scheduled (2039), with meeting confirmation frequency peaking on the Friday of the event. This is just EA Global: Boston 2023 data and I haven't looked at the others — but it does indicate to me that we don't want to set up systems that favour one type of user and disadvantaging another.

Yeah this is a big one, and I have actually been pushing for this feature since January. Unfortunately, Swapcard don't see this as important enough to prioritize it. The last I heard, this was added to the Q3 roadmap, but knowing the timelines I don't expect this to be done any time soon (though I am following up about it!).

Good luck! I'd be keen to hear how it goes for you!

I guess I can see it being intentionally used a mechanism to prevent people from fabricating votes, but given the difficulty of doing that relative to Swapcard's popularity as a service — this level of resistance seems unnecessary.

Wish Swapcard was better? 

Swapcard, the networking and scheduling app for EA Global and EAGx events, has published their product roadmap — where anyone can vote on features they want to see!

Two features currently in the "Researching (Vote)" stage have been requested by our attendees since the beginning of us using Swapcard for our events:

1) Reschedule a meeting
2) External Calendar Synchronization

If these sound like features you want, I encourage you to take a moment to vote for them! Every vote counts.

Swapcard product roadmap

I don't know how any of this works, but is it a possibility for you to tell the Tech Transfer office that you will let them file the patent conditionally on it being free-license/non-limiting, otherwise you will publish it open-source? In line with TeddyW's response — it sounds like licensing with "altruistic clauses" is something that the Tech Transfer office would be opposed to, given that they are for-profit; but maybe you have some leverage because presumably they have some incentive to file for the patent rather than it being fully open-source..?

Hi Quinn,

I'm Ivan and I'm responsible for the systems-side of things on the CEA Events team. 

I understand and share your frustration about the confusing User Interface of Swapcard's "Update your details?" modal. This has been confusing for multiple users in the past, and is something I've been pushing Swapcard to improve for a while now (I even sent them an email with a screenshot of the modal we use to do this on the EA Forum — which is magnitudes better)...

If you are referring to data completed via the registration form, I can have this data re-pushed to Swapcard for you so that you don't have to re-type it (note that you'll need to select the "Accept new data" option for this to work). The reason this whole thing exists is because of GDPR and so we can't technically edit user profile data without their consent.

If you encountered the modal after filling out your profile on Swapcard, then please let me know — as this would indicate that the modal is showing at the wrong time, and I can follow up with Swapcard about this.

Hope this helps!

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