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Building and supporting the EA community across NZ (and Australia).

Academic background: BE(Hons) ChemE, BSc Physics, Chemistry.

Career background: Research science & engineering, product development, project management, quality systems.

Hobbies: Perfumery (elemental-essences.com), fire-dancing, chess

Self-proclaimed generalist

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Book Giveaway Impact Analysis (Doing Good Better in NZ)

That's a good suggestion, thank you. I hadn't considered that. I would feel more confident in making a suggestion to the EA infrastructure fund after we implement the improvements and do a follow up analysis. However, the EAIF wouldn't administer the books themselves - it would probably need to be done via some organization (e.g. CEA).

CEA already gives away many books through the virtual programs, so perhaps getting people onboarded onto those is a good strategy. Alternatively, groups can also apply for funding for book giveaways through CEA. 

I could see a book giveaway being offered alongside the virtual programs being potentially  valuable - but the question would be if it would have a net value increase, or if it would detract from the value of the programs (due to some percentage of people choosing the book over committing to the program, and then not actually reading the book). 

I have a feeling it is probably net positive, and could potentially be a precursor to the virtual program, as it provides more flexibility and less commitment.  But again, wider distribution seems to be more of an organization-level implementation than a particularly 'funding-constrained' issue.

Book Giveaway Impact Analysis (Doing Good Better in NZ)

Thanks Peter. 

I agree about the sample bias. Which is part of the reason why I think the data from actual donations is relevant - rather than relying on respondents self-reported figures.

Implementing a presurvey is one of the top improvements to action - as I do expect that to help a lot. If you have any particular suggestions for useful pre/post measures, I'd love to hear them. 

Appendix B is contained within the Appendices (Google Doc). 

Book Giveaway Impact Analysis (Doing Good Better in NZ)

Thanks Luke! Looking forward to getting some better data after we improve the system. I think it would be a good project for GWWC to implement. Perhaps with the larger scale you might be able to automate a few things (e.g. various follow ups) and get more out of each book.

I've just followed up about the cost. Some wires must have got crossed somewhere down the line, as it seems that the cost of book + delivery is actually $20 (so that would make the book  itself ~$15). Woops. I'll update the post with this.