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Wish Swapcard was better? 

Swapcard, the networking and scheduling app for EA Global and EAGx events, has published their product roadmap — where anyone can vote on features they want to see!

Two features currently in the "Researching (Vote)" stage have been requested by our attendees since the beginning of us using Swapcard for our events:

1) Reschedule a meeting
2) External Calendar Synchronization

If these sound like features you want, I encourage you to take a moment to vote for them! Every vote counts.

Swapcard product roadmap

My favourite feature isn't on here at all, which is making yourself automatically unavailable during sessions/talks you've said you're going to!

One can submit new features here:

I just submitted what you said.

Yeah this is a big one, and I have actually been pushing for this feature since January. Unfortunately, Swapcard don't see this as important enough to prioritize it. The last I heard, this was added to the Q3 roadmap, but knowing the timelines I don't expect this to be done any time soon (though I am following up about it!).

It's cool they are doing this vote, but the actual process of voting is surprisingly painful! A 5 question text-response quiz for each vote, including asking for your email. 

The irony

I guess I can see it being intentionally used a mechanism to prevent people from fabricating votes, but given the difficulty of doing that relative to Swapcard's popularity as a service — this level of resistance seems unnecessary.

voted for calendar sync, may the world be sane again!!

I think swapcard is pretty bad and it's better to just move off of it entirely. Manifest is trying to use discord + airtable's calendar. we'll see if it's better

Good luck! I'd be keen to hear how it goes for you!