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Informal monkey man who is excited to help other hominids. 

Lets do a bunch of good stuff and have fun gang!

I am a fan of anarchy, nonviolent civil disobedience, compassion, charity, and meeting each others needs. 

I love you!

How others can help me

Sometimes I worry about not having enough money to afford stuff like shelter and I think that makes me less productive. More of a reassurance that people will at least try to meet my material needs in times of crisis is something that appeals to me. I know "you don't know me like that", but I figured it was better to be honest than polite on this sort of thing lol.

I am also interested in finding collaborators to make and learn stuff with. I might put a link here to relevant projects and stuff for that, but in the mean time, suffice it to say that I am a creative guy with a mix of skills interest in many cause areas.

How I can help others

I'm not an expert in anything really, but I know a little about a lot and would be happy to provide input where I can. Currently, I think a lot about how to make AI go well and I am happy to red-team your plans or brainstorm with you.

I can also try to help teach people. 


Adjacent to this point about how we could improve EA communication, I think it would be cool to have a post that explores how we might effectively use, like, Mastodon or some other method of dynamic, self-governed federation to get around this issue. I think this issue goes well beyond just the EA forum in some ways lol.

Good suggestion! Happy Ramadan! <3

Just for the sake of feedback, I think this makes me personally less inclined to post the ideas and drafts I have been toying with because it makes me feel like they are going to be completely steamrolled by a flurry of posts by people with higher status than me and it wouldn't really matter what I said.

I don't know who your target demo here is and it sounds like "flurry of posts by high status individuals" might have been your main intention anyways. However, please note, that this doesn't necessarily help you very much if you are trying to cultivate more outsider perspectives.

In any case, you're probably right that this will lead to more discussion and I am interested to see how it shakes out. I hope you'll write up a review post or something to summarize how the event went because it's going to be hard to follow that many posts about different topics and the corresponding they each generate.

Sure thing! I don't think it'll be all that polished or comprehensive since it is mostly intended to help me straighten out my reasoning, but I would be more than happy to share it. 

Thank you for the survey info! I was favorably surprised by some of those results.

Thank you so much! This is exactly the sort of thing I am looking for. I'm glad there is high quality work like this being done to advance strategic clarity surrounding TAI and I appreciate you sharing your draft.

I hadn't heard about Ayuda Efectiva, but it looks like a great introductory resource and I'll definitely send it to her. Reaching out to those groups might also be a good idea. I appreciate the help!

Hey everybody!

One of my friends is interested in learning more about EA and I am trying to find good resources to recommend to her. The thing is, her English is only so-so; her preferred language is Spanish. I found a couple websites that give brief overviews of some EA ideas, but I am having a hard time finding comprehensive EA texts in Spanish.

Does anyone know of any EA resources in Spanish that could be helpful?