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Hi Yonatan, thanks for your question! As described in the brief, the list you've mentioned, which includes 'vetting grant opportunities' and 'improving EIP's knowledge management and organizational learning processes, is a list of our organization-wide priorities during the expected duration of the fellowship.

As these positions are aimed at early career people, we don't expect fellows to independently do these things, but it's an opportunity for those that are interested in getting exposed to these complicated tasks and doing work that contributes to these priorities (in an environment where lots of support and feedback is given). We don't expect experienced grantmakers and operations people to apply for these roles, though, as mentioned in the brief - the baseline pay is $15/hour and can go up to $30/hour depending on performance on work tests during the application process.

Effective Institutions Project is hiring full-time or part-time early career fellows to support our research, strategy, and field-building work from mid-September through mid-December 2022 (precise dates negotiable).

Exact duties will be assigned from week to week based on current needs and candidate interests and skills. Some of our priorities for this fall include:

  • Sourcing and vetting grantmaking opportunities related to improving institutions
  • Conducting outreach to engage high-level experts in our institutional research
  • Improving EIP’s knowledge management and organizational learning processes
  • Monitoring and tracking important developments across key institutions and relevant research literature
  • Supporting main operational functions and helping establish new systems
  • Helping organize meetups, reading groups, and other community events

The baseline compensation for fellows is $15/hr; candidates with outstanding performance on work tests during the application process may be offered higher rates up to $30/hr. (We expect to have one short unpaid test for candidates who pass an initial screening and one longer paid exercise for finalist candidates.) Candidates may work remotely, and our goal is not to let nationality/citizenship be a barrier to collaborating with us.

To be considered, please submit an application no later than September 9.