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-I'm interested in high impact interventions that help improve health security and our global resilience against bio threats. I also manage projects in Global health and development as a Global Shaper with World Economic Forum.

-I'm a Biochemist by background, with research projects and various stints in genetics, developmental biology, and bio-imaging. Previously worked in biopharma, improving the pipeline for making recombinant proteins combining cellular imaging and AI.

-Previously served as a Founder and Director of education and social mobility organisation and as a board member for various EdTech non-profits. 

How I can help others

Experience working in bio landscape: Academia, Pharma, Technical, NGOs and Policy- happy to talk careers and provide mentorship where I can be helpful :)


Found this really helpful- thanks for sharing Ren, along with great summary tips!

Thank you for taking the time to share your notes on this Linch- it made me revisit a lot of the recommendations in new light and really interesting to see another perspective on this report too. US has certainly put forward a lot of sound recommendations on the table for government to act, but I'm yet to see anything equivalent in terms of concrete suggestions in the UK, or more widely Europe.

Hopefully we can change that for UK with some of our work at Pandemic Prevention Network.

In case you stumble upon an equivalent for Europe's strategy for tackling GCBRs in your research, please do share any recommendations you have :)

This is really interesting to learn- thanks for sharing Jonas. Found the reasoning for creating an equivalent of Retrospective Encrypted Corroboration Of Recorded DNA Sequences (RECORDS) to be a really good feature in creating accountability and transparency for all research. (It's a cool name by the way!)

The Pandemic Prevention Network is looking to bring onboard another Co-Founder to help us build a safer world against the threat of pandemics and to improve global health security.
This role will be significant to help shape a growing organisation, set strong foundations, and lead the execution of an ambitious vision to improve global resilience against future pandemics. This is an opportunity well suited for individuals driven by a high-impact career who bring vision and initiative to lead on many fronts and have a robust entrepreneurial spirit.We will interview candidates on a rolling basis and close the application once the position is filled.

Find out more about the role and criteria here: 

About Us

Born during the peak COVID-19 crisis, Pandemic Prevention Network is a non-profit organisation mobilising citizens to play an important role in advocacy and to influence policy to protect humanity against the threat of future outbreaks. We are driven by our vision to create a world that is free of pandemics, for both current and future generations. Given the neglectedness of mitigating the risks from gain of function and dual use research, we take a strategic focus on improving global resilience to the threat of engineered pandemics, which pose an even greater risk than natural outbreaks to the future of humanity.

To understand more behind our ideation, you can view this Effective Altruism forum post

About the role

The co-founder will report to the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) and will work very closely with them to execute on the organisation strategy, help scale the operations, set a framework for internal and external evaluation, establish concrete decision making structures and manage project delivery.

This is a fully remote opportunity with the flexibility to set your own work hours (expected minimum is 25-30 hours/week). We prioritise the quality and output of your performance rather than the set number of hours worked every week.

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