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Jeroen_W's Shortform

Like I said, they don't necessarily make EA content. I think I'll add a column specifying whether they do or not.

Jeroen_W's Shortform

EA-aligned video content creators

I made a spreadsheet of all EA-aligned video content creators that I'm aware of. This doesn't mean they make EA content necessarily, just that they share EA values. If I've missed anyone, let me know!

Winning Design of the Utilitarianism Symbol Competition

I downvoted this for the following reasons:

  1. Not a big fan of the design: It is nearly identical to the globe emoji, commonly used by neoliberals on Twitter. A globe doesn't really represent the pov of the universe that well (what if we discover sentient life elsewhere?). Plus the smiley isn't that clearly visible.
  2. I feel like this competition was held a bit unprofessionaly. After Bob Jacobs shared his (in my opinion great) idea the rules changed as to exclude mathematical symbols. I don't really understand this rule either, as I think mathemical symbols like the sum symbol aren't really unknown. I think it would've been better if a flag design was voted for by multiple people instead of chosen by one person.

I like the idea of a utilitarian flag competition and would personally love to see a commonly used utilitarian flag some day. But this didn't feel as the right way to go about it. I hope I'm not being too harsh.

EA Forum Creative Writing Contest: $22,000 in prizes for good stories

Love this idea! For all the writers here, I'd like to notify you about the EA Creatives and Communicators slack. You can use it to connect with other writers and maybe give feedback and bounce ideas off each other!

(Please let me know or downvote if this was inapproriate of me to comment, as it could be considered advertising.)

A Happier World: An EA inspired YouTube channel

Funny that you mention it, I've been working on a template today for instagraphics!

A Happier World: An EA inspired YouTube channel

I like this, added it to my list of possible episodes!

Why EA groups should not use “Effective Altruism” in their name.

I really like this! Haven't read such a thought-provoking EA forum post in a while. Some initial thoughts I have: In case of local groups, could it be best to avoid the name of the city/region? Ex. 'Positive Impact Brussels' sounds like you're trying to make a positive impact in Brussels, not on the world. On the other hand, perhaps many local groups will then end up with the same names and they will become indistinguishable. Maybe that can be solved by saying something like 'Brussels for the World'... (I don't think this sounds good, but it might spark better ideas).

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