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How can we reduce s-risks?

Great piece, thanks !

Since you devoted a subsection to moral circle expansion as a way of reducing s-risks, I guess you consider that its beneficial effects outweigh the backfire risks you mention (at least if MCE is done "in the right way"). CRS' 2020 End-of-Year Fundraiser post also induces optimism regarding the impact of increasing moral consideration for artificial minds (the only remaining doubts seem to be about when and how to do it).

I wonder how confident we should be about this (the positiveness of MCE in reducing s-risks), at this point? Have you – or other researchers – made estimates confirming this, for instance? :) 

EDIT: Your piece Arguments for and against moral advocacy (2017) already raises relevant considerations but perhaps your view on this issue is clearer now.

Incentivizing forecasting via social media

Thanks for writing this! :)

Another potential outcome that comes to mind regarding such projects is a self-fulfilling prophecy effect (provided the predictions are not secret).  I have no idea how much of an (positive/negative) impact it would have though.