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What are examples where extreme risk policies have been successfully implemented?

Thanks Harrison, we're indeed looking at exactly those "policy responses to non-existential low-probability risks" as there is little material out there  on policy change regarding GC & X-risks. By 'lowering the bar' a bit to what we called 'extreme risks', we hope to include smaller, less deadly risks into our case study candidates. As such, 9/11 is indeed one to consider, thank!

What are examples where extreme risk policies have been successfully implemented?

Thanks Michael, also for the suggestions you made above! You raise good points and I would've loved to study negative examples and examples from corporate governance, but the scope of my thesis unfortunately has to be really limited - hopefully someone else can look at these later! 

Testing a coherent social media outreach strategy for EA Chapters

This sounds great! PISE, the group at Erasmus University Rotterdam (the Netherlands) has also been trying to this over the past two years. Although it's far from perfect, I think we have a pretty good branding and online presence (especially compared to the average EA group). Feel free to check out our Instagram, I'd be happy to put you in touch with the people who do the hard work of creating great marketing content :)

We need alternatives to Intro EA Fellowships

Two months ago our group ran a 4-week fellowship! We plan on writing a longer forum post about it soon, but here are some main takeaways:

  • I think our approach combined some of the suggestions you do: our fellowship was a 4-week sprint, we offered extra events during and after the program and went on a retreat right after the groups finished their fellowship
  • There's no AB test on this, but our intuition is that people were more comfortable with committing to a 4 week rather than an 8 week program
  • We heightened the workload a bit, from ~2.5 hours to ~4 hours pe
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7Ashley Lin9mo
Thanks Joris! It sounds like your 4-week fellowship sprint went well. Would be excited to see a longer forum post on this and look at pre/post fellowship survey results (if they are available!) I’d agree with this maybe extending to “a general call for group organizers to be more innovative in their approaches to group organizing.” I think a lot of effort has been put into making plug-and-play resources to run uni groups (which can be useful in certain situations!), but generally think established groups / experienced organizers have on-the-ground knowledge about stakeholders that the people creating plug-and-play resources often don’t. Group organizers should trust themselves more to notice problems and take actions to address them!
Recruitment Season

Thank you for your post Naomi! I saw some interesting similarities with how we organize our student group, so I wrote down some thoughts below.

Firstly, that same trend (heightened interest in aug/sep and jan/feb) probably also applies to students' availability/willingness to get engaged with new initiatives on their campus. This is certainly true for students at our university, so we also work with two 'recruitment seasons' (we call them 'cycles') per year. 

Three additions to your image from our student group's perspective would be:

  • Our initial marketi
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