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A cause can be too neglected

I agree! I think it was worth posting

A cause can be too neglected

I'm sure I've heard this idea before - maybe in the old 80k career guide?

What posts do you want someone to write?

I don't think this can be taught in one post, because you have to be able to actually use the research methods before you can decide which one to use.

Coronavirus Research Ideas for EAs

I think you could contribute, but some projects will be easier to contribute to than other. Some suggestions:

-Helping to update Wikipedia pages about different countries' policy responses to COVID-19 would be helpful and a good introduction, because you'll have collaborators to help you.

-Many of these questions you could make a start on and ask for feedback from Aaron Gertler or Effective Altruism Editing and Review or Effective Altruism Coronavirus Discussion groups on Facebook. Then you can post your work, making the limitations clear.

-I would be careful about doing surveys or complicated modelling for the first time right now (you can give it a shot it's just really easy to get wrong). I'd also be thoughtful about interviewing people affected because they might be quite busy.

If there's a particular question you're interested in researching, feel free to message me to discuss how you'll go about researching it, or you could even write up your plan on your shortform.

Note: I am not an expert in research methods!

Is Existential Risk a Useless Category? Could the Concept Be Dangerous?

I think the key message a lot of people will take away from this post is "Your entire philosophy and way of life is wrong - it doesn't matter if everyone dies."

What is the key message you actually want people to take away from this post?

Effective Altruism and Free Riding

I would disagree - although the 'rules of the game' are created by individuals, they are larger than any one individual and difficult to change by any one individual despite their best effort.

But that's a bit of a tangent - I can see why you thought it was relevant.

Effective Altruism and Free Riding

I don't read this Forum post as suggesting individual within EA are uncooperative, but rather that EA institutions/teachings are uncooperative.

Effective Altruism and Free Riding

This was one of the most important posts I've read on the Forum all year. I'll definitely be thinking about it for a while. Thank you for posting it!

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