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EAIF application feedback

Are one of the regular attendees are your sessions in Romania willing to be a reference? If I were giving the grant, I'd be interested to talk to someone who's actually been to events you've hosted!

Some potential lessons from Carrick’s Congressional bid

I think it's immoral to (attempt to) buy seats in a democracy; it goes against my values.

Fundraising in order to try to make sure voters are aware of your candidate and his message is fine, but "buying seats" isn't.

EA and the current funding situation

This was a really inspiring reply to read Ivy.

Some potential lessons from Carrick’s Congressional bid

Just because some people loudly opposed it, doesn't mean most people who opposed it were loud.

(I imagine there were also a lot of people like me who simply chose not to investigate whether or not they thought this race was competitive with donations elsewhere - in my case because I'm not American so couldn't donate either way.)

I'm sorry someone was an ass to you.

Some potential lessons from Carrick’s Congressional bid

Yes, it was one thing to say the money was worth it because of the (small) chance of Carrick winning, but saying it was worth it for the information value alone really stings when you think about how far that money could go if donated elsewhere.

Organizational alignment

Yes for sure, it was meant to be a "yes and" to the post, not a criticism of Caroline!

Organizational alignment

making compensation heavily dependent on how much value you add setting an organization level culture that emphasizes teamwork, deemphasizes individual status, etc

It's worth being aware that some of these options don't play nice together. For example, if you hire people who are intrinsically motivated by your mission and try to emphasize teamwork, you'd probably want to pay them fairly without emphasizing money too much. (According to my Educational Psychology professor) there's some evidence that offering to pay for results erodes intrinsic motivation and doesn't improve results for intellectual problems.


I am concerned about some of the long-termism push but didn't get that vibe from this post, as an alternate perspective

Edit: wow why is Michael getting downvoted though, wtf? different people can have different impressions of the tone of a written piece of work, it's not harmful to point it out

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