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What are you grateful for?

I'm grateful for the Covid vaccines!

Proposal for managing community requests on the forum

I'm somewhat interested. I think we should also try to provide a bit of info on why we want help on the topic and any time limit. "wanted - a breakdown of Russ Robert's worldview and disagreements with EA because I'm curious" is totally valid but lower priority than "wanted - a breakdown of Russ Robert's worldview and disagreements with EA to look for important criticisms of EA, because next month I'll be starting a project to look for solutions to those criticisms"

New Career Guidance Organization: Probably Good

I can imagine you stopping yourself from doing too much coaching, but the people who apply for coaching don't know what happened or why you didn't get in touch. Does that make sense?

Something as simple as having an automatic reply to email enquiries saying "unfortunately we can't respond to every request for coaching" could be helpful.

New Career Guidance Organization: Probably Good

Very excited about this! I'd especially be interested in seeing career paths that could start making a significant difference in people's lives this century, as that's something 80k is moving away from - I'd be interested in advice about neglected areas within global health and climate change, for example.

The way I imagine this going wrong most easily is you getting overwhelmed with requests for career coaching in areas you don't know very much about. I hope that you'll set clear expectations about what you will/won't be able to provide with your career coaching, how many people you'll be able to coach, and how you'll choose those people.

Why I think the EA Community should write more fiction

Publishing a novel is very competitive, and most people who publish sell less than 10,000 copies. You would have to work part-time on your novel for years and receive very little money in return.

Online there's a lot of fiction available as well - you can donate your time to writing but again I think it's unlikely that more than 10,000 people would read your novel or short story, and I think most of those people wouldn't be influenced very much, unless you're a REALLY good writer.

I'd encourage people to enjoy fiction writing as a hobby and I'd encourage people who are unusually talented to develop their skills, but this is just SUCH a competitive field!

Desperation Hamster Wheels

It's implied in his comment that either Nicole is a utilitarian or that utilitarianism is correct regardless of if she believes it. I'm concerned the Forum has a culture of assuming everyone involved in EA is utilitarian, so I want to ask about it explicitly when I see it. I wasn't sure if Ozzie know that Nicole is a utilitarian or if this was an assumption.

Desperation Hamster Wheels

Did Nicole say she was a utilitarian?

Desperation Hamster Wheels

Thanks for writing this up! I'm sharing it with a friend

Avoiding Munich's Mistakes: Advice for CEA and Local Groups

Thanks Oli. So I guess this article is arguing that EA Munich was either mistaken about Robin Hanson's character or they were prioritizing reputation over character?

I find this discussion very uncomfortable because I really don't like publicly saying "I have concerns about the impact an individual has on this community" - I prefer that individual groups like EA Munich make the decision on their own and as discreetly as possible - but it seems the only way they could defend themselves is to publicly state everything they dislike about Robin Hanson. I know they've said a couple things already but I don't love that we're encouraging a continued public prosecution and defense of Robin Hanson's character.

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