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Resources On Mental Health And Finding A Therapist

Diagnosis and treatment (in this case, therapy) are definitely not the same thing! You don't need a diagnosis to go to therapy

Alternatives to donor lotteries

Building on your suggestions here, I would be interested in donating to a global development-focused EA Fund staffed by allocators raised or currently living in the Global South. I definitely buy the idea that allocators with networks in the Global South could have access to some interesting opportunities that allocators in EA Hubs don't have.

Would you buy from an altruistic shop?

I don't have strong feelings about the shop, but I don't think EAs are going to be your target audience. Most EAs aren't buying luxury brands like Gucci. So we're probably not very good people to ask.

Retention in EA - Part I: Survey Data

I did a couple of focus groups in London about why highly engaged members were involved and that also matches your findings.

Asking for advice

Yes that looks better - similar to Outlook's inbuilt calendar invite system.

Khorton's Shortform

After getting more info, I decided it wasn't so important and neglected as to be competitive with the Against Malaria Foundation. Thanks for following up!

80,000 Hours: Where's the best place to volunteer?

I wrote a post on this a couple years ago. One difference is that, where this post is focused exclusively on impact, I also talked about some people wanting to gain career capital from volunteering or wanting a volunteer opportunity that helps you feel good and recharge.

My Career Decision-Making Process

Strong upvoted this as I feel almost exactly the same way! I've tried the new 80k Google doc but looked the old career guide and career decision making tool a lot better.

Trying to help coral reefs survive climate change seems incredibly neglected.

Yes, I don't understand where the monetary value comes from?

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