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Voted because of this, thanks for the nudge!

If we're thinking of it as "ideally I'd like 75% of the money to go here, 20% here, etc" we could just give people 100 votes each and give money to the top 3?

Are you continuing your focus on the UK for the time being? I was surprised by the US picture

That makes sense to me, and matches with what I see in the post. I find the title a little surprising/misleading compared to what you've said here

I totally agree that cash transfers are an incredible way to transform people's lives! What kind of evidence do we have about cash transfers being able to "end extreme poverty"? I always thought they helped improve people's lives for a few years.

"A Summary of Every Mention of EA in Going Infinite"?

"How EA is portrayed in Going Infinite"?

I wrote about every mention, but some were summaries rather than direct copies and pastes, which I thought was straightforward for readers.

For example when I say, "He devotes several pages to talking about Peter Singer, Toby Ord and Will MacAskill, and the early version of 80,000 Hours Will was promoting on his visit to Harvard", I mean there were many mentions of effective altruism on those pages!

I also include sections of the book that talk about effective altruism without using that exact phrase.

I don't think there are any I didn't either quote or summarise, but I only read it once, so I could have missed some

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