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I appreciate you doing this Ben. I had some very vague concerns, as did several acquaintances I spoke to over the last couple years. My default move would be to share concerns with a charity's trustees, so I tried to look up Nonlinear's in case I or someone else would need to contact them, but I found out they weren't registered as a charity and I didn't have any other way of finding out if there was anyone overseeing Kat and Emerson in any meaningful sense.

I do think that the majority of EA organisations have either a non-profit or for-profit board, or are being incubated inside of a larger org with one of those things, so that should give most organisations a bit clearer accountability. I think Nonlinear was uniquely difficult.

Agree that early EA would be a very fun topic

Pro tip: you can adjust your settings so you never have to see AI content on the front page

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Toby Jolly on Impactful Government Careers

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I'd love to hear novelist and YouTuber John Green talk about how he decided to start fundraising for Partners in Health's maternity hospital, his campaign to reduce the cost of TB vaccines and tests, and his thoughts on EA

Oh wow, I have so many!

-I eat meat, because animal welfare isn't a top priority for me, although I very much support better lives for farm animals

-I spend money on a bunch of things that other people might not prioritise. I have separate donation and spending money budgets, and my spending money budget is relatively liberal (eg my husband and baby son and I live in a 3 bedroom house in London)

-I'm a big fan of bureaucracy and following the rules, way more than the average EA

For me, this is a substantive post. Nonlinear do a lot of "meta" EA work so their business practices and future matter to me

Well put, Rob - you changed my mind

Yes, he did, as part of a three hour call which he describes in his post

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