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In my mindmap (tinyurl.com/eamindmap) I have this website for volunteering: https://doinggoodnow.webflow.io/ (although I don’t have experience with them yet).

The opportunity board has unpaid positions (I think for younger people and for gaining career capital): https://ea-internships.pory.app/board

EA worldclub has some projects listed: https://www.eawork.club/jobs

It’s always possible to do advocacy, e.g. for animals: https://thehumaneleague.org/fast-action-network

Amd maybe I’m still missing resources?

Thanks for sharing your lessons, Rocky! Really valuable and inspiring. Also interesting to read that most people are in their 30s and 40s. Would love to chat more about how you get the slightly older age group engaged and into high impact careers or actions. 

Thanks! I don't, but you are the second person asking me. For a table overview or EA(-adjecent) orgs I would recommend using https://ea-internships.pory.app/orgs and using the filters. 

Oh wow, 50 alt protein companies in the Netherlands alone! And one very promising I know (Farmless) isn't even on the list. Thanks a lot for sharing; very exciting. I have added a link to the database, as the mindmap would otherwise explode.  

That post is amazing! I added the groups to the mindmap. I met an architect who didn't know how to incorporate EA in her career and this post has a whole google doc with options! 

Thanks Luke! I'm glad you and others found it useful and I'm honored that you even bookmarked it!

Thanks, that makes much more sense! Changed it. 
Feel free to add other improvements in the mindmap self with comments. 

Thanks, this is great. I added all the orgs you listed and  removed the confusing arrow. I'll go over the list with a few AI experts from our community to check if the selected orgs/initiatives can be better selected and organised. 

Thanks! I added 'Many more, see aisafety.world' to the branch. 

Are there particular orgs and initiatives that you'd put in the branch itself as well that are currently missing, so they stand out more? 

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