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TLDR: I've assembled a mindmap of all EA (-related) entities I could find. You can access it at tinyurl.com/eamindmap. If I missed or misrepresented anything: leave a note (in the mindmap) and I'll add it or correct it. I've also added other existing lists of orgs to this post. 


Starting my position at EA Netherlands as a co-director, I was advised by EA Pathfinder (now Successif) to make an overview of the EA space. In this way it would be easier to onboard, support community members and follow conversations. 

I made this mindmap of EA(-related) entities and this quickly got out of hand. I asked around, whether such overviews already exists. There were a few: 

Overview of EA organizations[1]

Somehow I still ended up sharing my mindmap with others, as it gives a clear visual overview of the orgs per main category or cause area. I know it is not perfect, but it is easy to maintain and people seem to like it. I was asked multiple times to add it to the forum, so here it is.


  • Organisation inclusion doesn't imply my endorsement.
  • The branches (the categories or cause areas) are a bit arbitrary, as some organisations serve multiple categories or cause areas. For me the aim was to get an overview, not a perfect mindmap.
  • It's incomplete. I'm still adding orgs weekly. Feel free to add notes (in the mindmap) where this overview can be corrected or orgs can be added or deleted.
  • I use the words orgs, organisations and entities in this post. That is because 'orgs' is more accessible and clear as a word, but the entities aren't all official organisations.  
  • I changed the title of the mindmap from EA(-aligned) to EA(-related), due to this comment. I'm still a bit uncomfortable with it, because there are many more EA-related orgs which won't fit all into this mindmap (see 80k jobboard), but it seems more right (for example: I added the AI labs..). I try to add only the orgs that self-identify as EA-aligned or the ones that many EAs refer to. 

How to use this

  • However you like :) the left side contains more meta entities and the right side contains more object-level (cause area related) orgs.
  • I heard people use it in order to quickly get an overview of existing entities in one category (like EA career support or biorisk).
  • Sometimes I use it in an intro presentation to make people more aware of the global EA space.
  • Zoom in/zoom out: Pinch or Ctrl + mousewheel; Navigate: Spacebar + move with left mouse button.

To post or not to post

I had reservations about sharing the mindmap, considering some organisations might not wish to be associated with EA. Guided by @Diego Oliveira's advise, I've published it but will retract if any substantial concerns arise due to its posting.

Furthermore, it might not be ideal that a random person is making mindmaps. I might stop maintaining it tomorrow, which further increases entropy, without adding value. I'm aware of this and I wouldn't mind it at all if an official EA org mindmap (or otherwise clear overview) would replace mine or if I was asked to remove everything. 

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This is pretty useful thanks! Have bookmarked 😀 

I can imagine myself opening this up myself and sharing it a bunch!

Thanks Luke! I'm glad you and others found it useful and I'm honored that you even bookmarked it!

There are lots of more AI Safety orgs and initiatives. Not sure if would be practical to add all.

See here for manybof them: aisafety.world

Thanks! I added 'Many more, see aisafety.world' to the branch. 

Are there particular orgs and initiatives that you'd put in the branch itself as well that are currently missing, so they stand out more? 

I think the specific list of orgs you picked is a bit ad-hock but also ok. 

It looks like you've chosen to focus on reperch orgs specifically, plus overview resources. I think this is a resonable choice. 

Some orgs that would fit on the list (i.e. other research orgs), are
* Conjecture
* Orthogonal
* Convergence
* Aligned AI

There are also several important training and support orgs that is not on your list (AISC, SERI MATS, etc). But I think it's probably the right choice to just link to aisafety.training, and let people find variolous programs from there. 

I'm confused why there is an arrow from The Future Society to aisafety.world.
aisafety.world is created and maintained be Alignment Ecosystem Development

Thanks, this is great. I added all the orgs you listed and  removed the confusing arrow. I'll go over the list with a few AI experts from our community to check if the selected orgs/initiatives can be better selected and organised. 

This is a fantastic overview, thanks for sharing it! 
There are a few more 'Groups by profession' orgs in this post. (Although, the specifics of some of the groups may be out of date now). 

That post is amazing! I added the groups to the mindmap. I met an architect who didn't know how to incorporate EA in her career and this post has a whole google doc with options! 

Thank you for sharing this - super helpful! I wasn't sure if this is primarily intended to be just representative/give a snapshot, versus an exhaustive overview of the ecosystem. If the latter, then GFI's company database could be helpful to link to for the alt protein companies in the Netherlands (you can filter by country). 

Oh wow, 50 alt protein companies in the Netherlands alone! And one very promising I know (Farmless) isn't even on the list. Thanks a lot for sharing; very exciting. I have added a link to the database, as the mindmap would otherwise explode.  

This is great, do you have a table version of this?

Thanks! I don't, but you are the second person asking me. For a table overview or EA(-adjecent) orgs I would recommend using https://ea-internships.pory.app/orgs and using the filters. 

Thanks for creating this! Interesting to see the overview. Also interesting to see the challenges of having to categorize all these different efforts.

I would like to suggest that ALLFED be placed differently. At ALLFED we are looking at a wide range of risks that could disrupt / threaten our global food system. Some of which are fairly certain to occur this century (such as Coinciding Extreme Weather Events leading to Multiple Breadbasket Failure). 

I feel like a category of "Global Catastrophic Risks (GCRs)" right next to x-risks might be the most fitting for ALLFED.

Thanks, that makes much more sense! Changed it. 
Feel free to add other improvements in the mindmap self with comments. 

Thank you for sharing this Marieke.  Even if close to impossible to be comprehensive, it has great value in the categorisations used and provision of example organisations.  Much appreciated.

:) I appreciate your appreciation!

Why are Vivid and Mental Health Navigator crossed out?

Tbh I don't know.. (I didn't cross them out). I have checked out the websites and see that 'Mental Health Navigator' is now 'MentNav', so I changed the name. Vivid seems still active, but I'm not sure. If anyone knows, let me know! 

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