Edit 23 June 2023: I've replaced the link below to the overview sheet with a link to the new Notion database which supplants it.

I've been keeping an overview of the public effective giving ecosystem that I thought would be worth sharing in its own post (I've previously referred to it here). I've noticed people often aren't aware of many of the initiatives in this space (>50!) and they could be missing out on some great funding opportunity recommendations, collaboration and job opportunities, and other useful connections and information.

The list is meant to contain all organisations and projects that aim to identify publicly accessible philanthropic funding opportunities using an effective-altruism-inspired methodology (evaluators), and/or to fundraise for the funding opportunities that have already been identified (fundraisers). As I note on the sheet, inclusion in this list does not imply that the organisation or project's research and recommendations have been vetted for quality: it only implies self-association with the effective giving community.

Please let me know if you think any organisation or project is missing! I aim to keep this list updated, and expect it to change quite a bit over the coming year (I know of a few more budding initiatives that may soon be added).

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I noticed there was one Jewish organisation and one Christian organisation on the list, and am familiar with GiveDirectly's 2022-2023 Zakat fund. Do you know if there is an organisation focussed on effective giving for Muslims? Afterfund was mentioned here but I'm not sure how effective the proposed interventions would be in contrast to others that the EA community would typically support. Not sure if it's worth flagging, but I'm not Muslim, just interested!


Excellent overview

  •  Including a "country" column might be valuable, especially for the national orgs (or including the location in [brackets] next to the name)
  • You might be able to embed a sheet view directly on the forum (maybe just a static csv file/table, dynamically showing updates on the original spreadsheet, or fully interactive)

Thanks for the suggestions Nicole!

  • I'll add a country column
  • Would be happy for the sheet to be embedded on Forum but don't immediately know how to do it and don't think it's a high priority, so if someone wants to do this please lmk :)

Thanks for this!

I checked this against the Airtable for groups that EA Market testing is working with/talking to. The only potential omissions here were

  • Charity Navigator (not EA but there's ~an EA contingent)
  • Charity Elections, under the GWWC umbrella (not an effective giving org per se but maybe part of the ecosystem)

Thanks David!

  • CN is currently omitted on purpose - doesn't fit definition of (self-identified) EA-inspired research or fundraising - but I could see a case for them being included in the near term (had a really good chat with them this week about their plans and potential collaborations with GWWC, coincidentally). I'm happy to be challenged on this of course.
  • I'll add Charity Elections as a separate project.

That makes sense to me

I integrated this into my Airtable. HERE is a relevant view, focusing on 'giving-related' orgs.

Would volunteer CEARCH to be added the list, with us doing public funding opportunity research, though of course we aren't as big or as established as many of the others. 

Thanks Joel, happy to add CEARCH; just a quick check: are you planning/aiming to publish funding opportunity recommendations this year? (the aim for this list is to really be about publicly available funding opportunities; e.g. it doesn't include Rethink Priorities even though they do related/relevant research)

Hi Sjir - will definitely be looking to put out funding opportunities for specific charities (whether a CE incubatee of one of our ideas, if that happens, or other existing organizations working in areas our research identified as impactful). In terms of timeline, probably 2H/2023 or else early next year - not too certain on this!

Ok, sounds good, I've added you to the list; looking forward to what CEARCH will come up with!

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