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Yup, wanted to confirm here the ~100x in efficacy comes from getting 10x in relevance and 10x in ability (from selecting someone 10x better than the average research scientist).

Regarding the relative value of PhD vs scientist: the model currently values the average scientist at ~10x the average PhD at graduation (which seem broadly consistent with the selectivity of becoming a scientist and likely underrepresents the research impact as measured by citations—the average scientist likely has more than 10x the citation count as the average PhD). Then, the 5 years includes the PhD growing significantly as they gain more research experience, so the earlier years will not be as productive as their final year.

Yup, due to the FTX Collapse, the competition was no longer funded.

Yup! The bounty is still ongoing. We have been awarding prizes throughout the duration of the bounty and will post an update in January detailing the results.

Thanks for letting me know! I missed that it was until September. Will do!

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The Center for AI Safety is hiring for four roles: Project Manager, Operations Manager, Research Engineer, and Chief of Staff.

Our mission is to promote safety and x-risk in the broader ML community. We envision a world in which most ML researchers are familiar with the arguments for risks from AI and a significant proportion of them are working directly on relevant safety problems.

To this end, we conduct empirical safety research and run various field-building projects (e.g., safety competitions, workshops, fellowships, and summer programs) to accelerate the growth of the safety community.

The following apply for all roles:

  • Deadline: We will be reviewing applications on a rolling basis
  • Ideal Start date: As soon as possible
  • Role: Full-time, salaried employee
  • Work location: San Francisco (in-person)
  • If you have questions, feel free to reach out to oliver@safe.ai

If you’re interested in joining us, please see the full job descriptions!