Senior Program Officer @ Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade - Australian Embassy in the Philippines
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I want to use my career to help address the world's most pressing problems. At present, I've had significant exposure working across the public sector and civil society working on development issues within low and middle-income countries. Through the years, I've honed transferrable skills in program management and policy development within the international development sector , however, I recognize that there might be other opportunities for me to explore within the broader EA ecosystem. I also believe EA community building in the Philippines can contribute to that, and so, I've continued to help Filipinos make a bigger impact with their careers and resources.

How others can help me

I'm looking for ways to help beyond the Philippines and perhaps explore working for an EA or EA-aligned organization.

How I can help others

I would like to share our experience building the effective altruism community in the Philippines; Discuss applying EA principles and resources within the international development sector


Hi @sindirella,

Thanks for this feedback! Here are some of our initial answers.

  • Ideally, we would have done a cost-effectiveness analysis on the work of the recommended charities with local operations, and this is more doable than others on the list. We are still in the process of building our relationship with them so that they are more open and willing to share their information with us and finding capable volunteers to conduct this. 
  • Yes, we would also like to be mindful about the best approach on this one. Thanks for the great tip to approach TLYCS and we will contact someone from there or someone previously affiliated to provide insight on this!
  • Yes, Oxfam in the Philippines do work in a broad range of areas, but they have flagship programs in poverty alleviation and social protection such as cash transfers, where there is some reliable evidence of effectiveness. However, it is correct that we have not found any available evaluation of their specific program yet. The team is reconsidering this, but we will also reach out to their local team to get more information on their financials.
  • Our team has done some research on EA-aligned animal charities, and when it comes to this, it is still actually limited in the Philippines. Aside from Animal Kingdom Foundation, Fish Welfare Initiative is an org starting up here, but their program is not as concrete in the Philippines compared to other locations (i.e. Indonesia).

Thank you again for your feedback, and we thoroughly appreciate it!