Good idea! Scarcity mindset is such an annoying tendency of human psychology. We should all become more like hippies.

How does your last point fit in there though? Scarcity mindset because you so desperately want to become part of the friends? Or friends as medicine for more trustworthiness, thus more stable networks, more trusting fundors, and more stable salaries? 

On a side note within the community, not only the precarious salaries, also the very high valuing of working in prestigous EA organisations vs. lack of opportunities may contribute to the problem. People want to belong and to be respected. Let's not forget to actually encourage people to seek all sorts of opportunities - according to their theory of change - and give a lot of respect and praise for trying and for failing

Yep, all of you putting energy into changing the world for the better - you deserve all the recognition! Change is non-linear and opportunities very random, so putting yourself out there and taking the risk of having an impact is the way to go! <3 

Interesting idea. Any evidence/anecdotes on how (far) this rule has been endorsed, and how it has worked out in authentic relating community?