Along with my co-founder, Marcus A. Davis, I run Rethink Priorities. Previously, I was a professional data scientist.


Forum update: New features (June 2021)

Easy to not be afraid when you're the player and the scorekeeper!

(BTW this sounds salty from me, but I promise I'm just joking around.)

Forum update: New features (June 2021)

It does seem like bad incentives that very well-researched pieces can get much less karma than relatively quick comments.

Forum update: New features (June 2021)

people who created posts in that era have seen their karma recalculated without the 10x multiplier.

Worth also noting that these earlier posts didn't benefit from the invention of strong upvoting (or from the increased size of the voting community), so their karma seems a lot below what they would've gotten if they were posted recently.

Forum update: New features (June 2021)

The reason is that Aaron couldn't beat me in karma fair and square, so he had to play dirty.

Buck's Shortform

This does seem like a good model to try.

Buck's Shortform

I've thought about this before and I would also like to see this happen.

EA Infrastructure Fund: Ask us anything!

I notice that the listed grants seems substantially below $1000/hour; e.g. Rethink getting $250,000 for seven FTEs implies ~$35,000/FTE or roughly $18/hour. *


This is two misconceptions:

(1) we are hiring seven interns but they each will only be there for three months. I believe it is 1.8 FTE collectively.

(2) The grant is not being entirely allocated to intern compensation

Interns at Rethink Priorities currently earn $23-25/hr. Researchers hired on a permanent basis earn more than that, currently $63K-85K/yr (prorated for part-time work).

Movement building and investing to give later

It definitely does strike me as there needing to be a lot of continued longtermist research and field-building to allow us to be in a good position to deploy a large amount of capital at a critical time. It's not easy to deploy capital overnight.

Sorry if this is a strawman of the "invest to give later" argument or something already addressed, but I think it's important to put out there if it hasn't been already.

How much do you (actually) work?

I time track ~30hrs a week.

I get ~6hrs a week of "deep work", mainly because I am in management and a lot of management activities are not classically considered deep work.

My efficiency is ~70%.

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