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Examples of people who didn't get into EA in the past but made it after a few years

I never had to ask anyone's permission to do EA-related research.

I just worked hard in my free-time for over five years and then finally was able to have enough reputation to co-found my own research non-profit (Rethink Priorities). I totally understand this path isn't accessible to everyone (or even most people) but it is probably more within the grasp of people than they might think and I think it's worth some consideration.

I think a great place to start is just making thoughtful EA Forum posts (perhaps aiming to emulate good reasoning transparency and the style of highly upvoted posts) and trying to talk with other thoughtful EAs.

Even if you don't go on to co-found your own research non-profit, this portfolio you build will almost certainly either get you noticed by a recruiter or boost your application when you do apply.

I Want To Do Good - an EA puppet mini-musical!

This is really cool. It's really great to see you put your talents toward promoting EA. I think you did an excellent job!

How should longtermists think about eating meat?

How do longtermists feel about punching their neighbor in the face? Are there any fleshed-out, longtermist arguments out there on why people shouldn't punch their neighbor in the face?

The Case for Honey

I feel like there's a lot of irony in coming into a community and telling them they're doing everything wrong, by lecturing them about how they shouldn't go into communities and tell them they're doing everything wrong?

I think your post would benefit from more concrete suggestions about where you think messaging is insufficiently modest and what kind of messaging you would use instead?

What will 80,000 Hours provide (and not provide) within the effective altruism community?

The biggest problem here seems to be that no one else appears to be taking on the role of introducing people to EA in any significant and scalable way. I think it would be much easier for 80K to do their longtermist-focused thing if we had other robust EA recruitment pipelines. I wonder if the new GWWC might be able to take on this role?

CEA's Plans for 2020

I think a very common failure mode for CEA over the past ~5 years has been: CEA declares they are doing X, now no one else wants to or can get funding to do X, but CEA doesn't actually ever do X, so X never gets done.

I think spinning off GWWC and EA Funds is a great step for fixing this failure mode and I'd like to see CEA continue to welcome other groups and people to filling neglected roles in the community.

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