CEA Mid-year update (2020)

Thanks! I really appreciate this level of transparency and thoughtfulness.

Donor Lottery Debrief

If you are launching (or know about) a project that you believe may have a strong EA impact and has room for more funding, I'd be happy to hear about it. 


I'd be bad at my job if I didn't mention that Rethink Priorities is looking for money ;)

Some reason to prefer an individual donor like me rather than institutional donors like Open Phil, LTFF, EA Grants, and GiveWell

Worth nothing that one reason as an individual donor to support an organization that benefits from institutional giving is that there are only so many of these institutions and they're frequently willing to only be so much of an organization's budget. This can actually allow an individual to act almost as a 1:1 match by unlocking more institutional funding.

Should we think more about EA dating?

Not sure what you mean... Number of long-term relationships? Number of dates? Number of times I've talked with a cute non-EA girl about EA and perceived it as going well? Regardless not sure I'd be comfortable revealing that info in public.

Should we think more about EA dating?

I just want to add my experience is that "Maybe I get off the EA Forum, go outside and tell that cute girl I pass every day all about Peter Singer's drowning child thought experiment" has worked really well for me so far.

Should local EA groups support political causes?

Worth noting there are a lot of important political questions that can be lobbied on that aren't part of the traditional blue vs. red axis (e.g., cage-free legislation, increasing foreign aid)

I'm Linch Zhang, an amateur COVID-19 forecaster and generalist EA. AMA

How much time do you spend forecasting? (Both explicitly forecasting on Metaculus and maybe implicitly doing things related to forecasting, though the latter I suspect is currently a full-time job for you?)

I'm Linch Zhang, an amateur COVID-19 forecaster and generalist EA. AMA

1.) This is amazing, thank you. Strongly upvoted - I learned a lot.

2.) Can we have an AMA with JGalt where he teaches us how to read all the news?

Forecasting Newsletter: June 2020

FYI - Your link to Foretell is broken

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