Along with my co-founder, Marcus A. Davis, I run Rethink Priorities. Previously, I was a professional data scientist.


Buck's Shortform

This does seem like a good model to try.

Buck's Shortform

I've thought about this before and I would also like to see this happen.

EA Infrastructure Fund: Ask us anything!

I notice that the listed grants seems substantially below $1000/hour; e.g. Rethink getting $250,000 for seven FTEs implies ~$35,000/FTE or roughly $18/hour. *


This is two misconceptions:

(1) we are hiring seven interns but they each will only be there for three months. I believe it is 1.8 FTE collectively.

(2) The grant is not being entirely allocated to intern compensation

Interns at Rethink Priorities currently earn $23-25/hr. Researchers hired on a permanent basis earn more than that, currently $63K-85K/yr (prorated for part-time work).

Movement building and investing to give later

It definitely does strike me as there needing to be a lot of continued longtermist research and field-building to allow us to be in a good position to deploy a large amount of capital at a critical time. It's not easy to deploy capital overnight.

Sorry if this is a strawman of the "invest to give later" argument or something already addressed, but I think it's important to put out there if it hasn't been already.

How much do you (actually) work?

I time track ~30hrs a week.

I get ~6hrs a week of "deep work", mainly because I am in management and a lot of management activities are not classically considered deep work.

My efficiency is ~70%.

Animal Welfare Fund: Ask us anything!

Yeah, I think it certainly would be fine to donate to an organization that can make use of your money but not for a year or two. I think this would actually be very helpful to the org as a signal of support and for removing some uncertainty for them, to allow them to actually grow (steadily).

Animal Welfare Fund: Ask us anything!

Can you say more about what kind of wild animal welfare work you would want to see?

Animal Welfare Fund: Ask us anything!

Can you say more about what you think a promising new initiative on PB alternatives might look like?

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