Pablo Melchor, co-founder and president at Ayuda Efectiva. Co-founded EA Spain.


Introducing Ayuda Efectiva

Devon, thanks for the comment!

On that topic, do you or anyone else know of other such national level projects, aside from Effektiv Spenden  (where I do some work) in Germany and RC Forward in Canada?

I know of in Norway and Effective Altruism Australia.

Although I imagine there are many nuances of each country's bureaucracy, it could make sense to template out the operational aspects that likely don't differ from country to country.

Certainly. I had a brief conversation with Basti and Jack Lewars on this. I am very skeptical about large and complex projects like migrating to the same ERP but would be happy to explore more modest opportunities to avoid repeatedly reinventing the wheel :-)

What kind of fixed costs are we talking about, if you don't mind sharing? If they were too low, I'd be a bit concerned that it could hamper your multiplier. How are you approaching fundraising?

Fair concern and you are right: "the lowest possible fixed costs" can mean anything :-). In our case, we are looking at costs of less than 10K €/month for 2021. The plan is to bootstrap this (which we can afford) until we can show impact. The metric we will be focusing on is what The Life You Can Save calls leverage ratio: money moved expressed as a multiple of operating expenses. If you are interested in getting into the weeds, I'd be happy to chat :-)  

Introducing Ayuda Efectiva

I made a minor edit to clarify a couple of points in "How you can help".

New Career Guidance Organization: Probably Good

Yes, thanks for that: I can see the broader strategic implications. I actually think the equivalent to "but actually may lead to more people joining top priority paths in the focus areas of existing career orgs in the long run" may also be true in the effective giving space.

New Career Guidance Organization: Probably Good

Sella, thanks for the post. I think this is a very interesting idea (and I am guessing that other non-US/UK EA groups may think so as well). I see it as doing relative optimization in a much larger space rather than absolute optimization within a small group (people who actually have a chance of going into 80,000 Hours's highest-impact paths).

In that sense, Probably Good reminds me of what Elijah explained here about what the ImpactMatters team is trying to do under their new roof at Charity Navigator:

Certainly in typical EA terms, many of the nonprofits that are analyzed are not the most cost-effective. But we also know that standard EA nonprofits are a fraction of the $300 bil nonprofit sector, and there is a portion of that money that has high intra-cause elasticity but low inter-cause elasticity. Impact analysis could be a way of shifting that money, yielding very cost-effective returns [...]

List of EA-related organisations

Thanks! Yes, it is great to see a lot of doers out there :-)

List of EA-related organisations

Jamie, thanks for the list! Can you please add Ayuda Efectiva to the Infrastructure section? Suggested text:

"Ayuda Efectiva promotes effective giving in Spain. Their Global Health Fund routes donations to a selection of GiveWell's recommended charities, providing tax deductibility for Spanish donors. They plan to launch similar funds for other cause areas in the near future."


EA Handbook 3.0: What content should I include?

For cause selection (and the INT model), I find this 80K article more accessible and explanatory than most:

EA Handbook 3.0: What content should I include?

For the introduction, I liked and shared Will MacAskill's text for Norton Introduction to Ethics:

Guide to Successful Community 1-1s

Huw, Darius, excellent post!

One question:

sometimes there are issues that people still want to discuss, such as whether these interventions neglect systemic change

What are your go-to resources for answering concerns about neglecting systemic change? Are there any particular articles or posts you point people to?


Near-Term Effective Altruism Discord

I am personally very interested in cause areas like global poverty, so it is great to see more people wanting to discuss the related issues in depth.

Nevertheless, I strongly support the definition of EA as a question (how can we use our resources to help others the most?) and that makes me not want to tag myself as a "[enter category here] EA" (e.g. "near-term EA", "far-future EA"...).

In practical terms, the above leads me to enjoy my views being challenged by people who have come to different conclusions and I tend to favour a "portfolio approach" to doing good, somewhat along the lines of Open Phil's "worldview diversification".

Regarding discussion, there should be great spaces for both the meta topics and the cause-specific ones. Wouldn't it be ideal if we could host all those discussions under the same roof? Maybe this thread can be used as an input for the upcoming EA Forum 2.0. The feature request would be something like "make it easy to host and find worldview-specific discussions".

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