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Catastrophic rectangles - visualising catastrophic risks

Thank you for your comment!

To represent that, you would basically need to create a curve (probability X impact distribution) for each event instead of a rectangle.

Yes! This is actually the third open question at the end of the post. I'd be very curious to see such a curve, if anyone wants to make one.

I really like your second point, and wonder how the interactive effects you mention could be represented graphically.

Introducing Probably Good: A New Career Guidance Organization

The quality of this conversation is awesome!

I think Probably good is a great name. What are some other good names you have considered so far? Does anyone have alternative ideas ?

My first understanding of the name was something like "this is a website that will help me have a career that will probably have a good impact", where probably meant something like ~70%-ish. I thought this wasn’t very ambitious, but it also had something intriguing, so I felt curious to learn more.

I’d like my career to be (almost) guaranteed to have some good consequences. I think my odds of doing some good with my career if EA didn’t exist at all would be above 95%. (As many people interested in EA, I already wanted to do good when I discovered the movement.)

So I’d be even more interested in a website which can probably help me do even better than I would have done without its advice.

I’m not sure that “Probably better” would be a better name than “Probably good”. I feel like it preserves the modesty and the catchiness, while also making it sound a little more ambitious. It could also be in line with your experimental approach, trying to make the quality your advice better as you gain experience.

What do you think ? :)