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I'm going on an EA-break 🐢
I'll probably slowly reconnect in a few months.

(I was particularly inspired by this comment of "It's ok to leave EA")

Take care! 

I can say the comic resonates very well with my experience :) of the EA-break I took in 2018. 

Take the time you need and remember it's ok to not return to EA if that's best.

Wonderful post Rémi.  Take all the time you need, and if you decide to get back involved then I imagine our paths will cross on the other side!  🤗 

I don't know if there are many posts that are comic strips, but this is the first one I've seen and I really like it.


As someone that used to be a Wikipedian this made me smile :) Have a great EA-break Rémi! Thank you for this great analogy!


Also I went and checked and my "Wikivacation" sign is still there :D

I'm gonna go on an EA break for this evening. Wish me luck!

Fantastic!  It's well known that saving the world is tiring. 

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