Sofya Lebedeva

President @ EA UC Berkeley
Pursuing an undergraduate degree



​I am currently finishing up my undergraduate degree in Molecular and Cellular Biology at UC Berkeley. 
My primary interests are in immunology, genetics, and biosecurity. I work part-time for Catena Biosciences and also help run the UC Berkeley Effective Altruism Group. I am a huge fan of doodling, hiking, and traveling. Oh, and dogs are superior to most other things in this universe. 

How others can help me

Looking to connect with anyone in the EA community regarding biosecurity. 


I am so glad you reached out! Hopefully we can stay friendly :) 

Hi Douglas,

This is such an important topic and I would love to hear more about it. I definitely want to hear more about the range of disability factors that Giving What We Can used in 2016 . I think my suggestion would be to hear more about calls to action, because now that we have identified this as a problem what are some things we can do? Really hope to continue discussing this.