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Hello! I'm Toby. I've recently started as Content Manager at CEA, where I will work with Lizka and the Online Team to make sure the Forum is a great place to discuss doing the most good we can. Specifically, you'll see me posting a lot, authoring the EA Newsletter and curating Forum Digests, making moderator comments and decisions, and more. 

Before working at CEA, I studied Philosophy at the University of Warwick, and worked for a couple of years on a range of writing and editing projects within the EA space. Recently I helped run the Amplify Creative Grants program, to encourage more impactful podcasting and YouTube projects. You can find a bit of my own creative output on my blog, and my podcast feed.


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+1. I went to the Effective Altruism Barcelona Give Directly video, and the voting link just took me to the givewell homepage. 

Thanks for sharing Martina! I love the faults, errors, failures illustration with the bugs!

@mincho perhaps this is relevant to your ideas about addiction and overdose interventions? 

This paper I read a few years ago gives an estimate for the mortality cost of carbon emissions. Obviously this is highly uncertain and would change based on projected policy changes/ new technology. The mainline estimate is that the average American's lifetime emissions lead to 1.16 excess deaths before 2100. 

Hi Martina! Welcome :)

No pressure, but if you'd like to share a scientific illustration you've done, I'd love to see it (you can post in a comment below this). 

Have you subscribed to the Forum Digest? If you can stomach another newsletter, it's a pretty good way to read the best of the Forum every week. I've heard that people find reading a couple posts from it a week to be a good way to get into EA ways of writing and thinking. (I'll be sending one out later today)


Toby (Content Manager for the EA Forum)

Hi Hani! 
Welcome to the Forum!
"as a reader, what would you like to read?"
Next week I'll post a "What posts would you like someone to write?" thread. I'll link it here when it is out. It should help answer at least one of your questions. 
"How to effectively write a post that can be published on a forum like this one?"
As long as your writing follows our norms, and is relevant to the project of doing good better, we'd love to see it. If you want examples of posts that we particularly liked, read the Forum Digest, or look at our curated posts
Toby (Content Manager for the EA Forum)

Heads up! I'm planning a Draft Amnesty event (like this one). I think the last one went really well, and I'm pretty excited to run this. 

The Draft Amnesty event will probably be a week long, around mid-march. 

I'll likely post some question threads such as "What posts would you like to see someone write?" (like this one) and "What posts are you thinking of writing?" (like this one), and set up some co-working/ social opportunities for polishing posts/ writing up drafts in the build up. 

I'm also brainstorming ways to make draft amnesty posts appear as a different genre to Forum users (such as a different font for the title, a different page for draft posts, or a visible "draft amnesty" tag that can be seen from the frontpage list view), and let them opt out of seeing them. This should ameliorate concerns about the frontpage being full of lower-standard content (though fwiw I think this is unlikely because of the karma system), and also to take some more pressure off the posters (I don't want people to not post because they worry their draft isn't polished enough!)

I'll put up a proper announcement soon, with more of a plan, but feel free to use the comments of this quick take to share any things you would be excited to see, ideas, concerns, or questions. 

I'm curating this post. 

Partly this is because there is great advice in here, which I expect will be useful to early career EAs, and I'd love more of them to see it. 

But I'm also curating this because good career advice is valuable, and It'd be great to see more of it posted on the Forum. If you have given a piece of career-related advice to several people, consider writing it up for the Forum. If it is small, or you aren't sure whether it is valuable, post it as a scrappy quick take. 

Hey Adin, thanks for joining!

It's really cool that you seem to be taking the project of doing good so seriously. I hope the Forum is a useful place to explore the questions you're interested in. 

Let me know if there is anything you need to know or feedback about the Forum (here or in dm). 

Hey Vasco, thanks! Would you mind expanding on why it would be good to run the test during weeks with many unusually high quality posts?

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