I don't know why people keep downvoting my posts. I agree that they could be better, but I don't think my post's karma accurately reflects their worth. I am biased, however.

My name is Wes Reisen. I’m currently figuring out career stuff/life plans. I’m relatively new to the EA (I started interacting with it on July 12, 2023) 

How others can help me

Sometimes, I might ask for help with research. Also, if you know any good internship or volunteer roles, or any good job boards, or are hiring, please reach out! (Public résumé: (One piece of vital and relevant[1] information about me is somewhat private[2], and is available upon request).

(I'm not currently searching for work)

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    That is, it would likely change [how/if] you would [hire me OR consider hiring me].

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    I don't want this info on the internet publicly.

How I can help others

I’m pretty good with numbers(I feel comfortable thinking about (e^(1/0)), so if you have any questions about math, I’m happy to help!

I can also help with work and productivity tips (e.g., to stay awake, do something actively. Pause your all-nighter, play one round of Call Of Duty, and then get back to work. It’ll keep you up and productive all night long.)

I can also provide research assistance, summarize information, check things for errors (Not very well though😅), and more. Feel free to ask if I can help with __, and hopefully, I’ll say yes!

I also have connections with leading antibiotics💊 creation focussed microbioligist Kim Lewis, as well as someone connected to 🇺🇸 congressman David Scott's campaigning (presumably his campaign manager) (I'm not sure for reasons I'd explain if you want to know, but I'd rather not put it here.) if you'd gain from that, feel free to reach out, and I'll see how I could help with that.

I’m also quite passionate (though 8️⃣0️⃣0️⃣0️⃣0️⃣ hours points out that there are more pressing & tractable matters) about ageism/rights of youth, so if you have any questions about that, I can help with that too.

Schedule a meeting with me here: 📆


thanks for the suggestion! Agreed; If I understand correctly, you're suggesting I change them into a quick take?

I edited the post in accordance with your comment; thanks for commenting on how I can improve! It genuinely helped and pointed out things I didn't know until you mentioned them.


1. Do you think I should do any more editing in accordance with your comment?

2. Do you have any other feedback?

3. Generally, anything else?

Is there going to be any open forum before the event ends in 2 hours that I can attend virtually?

One potential downside: shorter people means less physical capacity, as somewhat mentioned in the above area. I agree that most recources would be [doubled*], but recources that require physical labor will be comparatively twice as slow, perhaps having a nagative impact on the economy. I'm not sure if "the doubling" offsets this. Epistemic status: "Idk tho"

Given that you made this forum post, I figured you mighr be in the feild of biosecurity, and therefore might find the database linked here to be useful:

Answer by wes R1

I recently found a huge public database of databases, and I figured I'd share it here.

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