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(This event will take place in the EAGT Event Hall, which you can access via this link or via a portal in the main space.)

Since we started EA Gather Town (EAGT) in April, we've seen numerous examples of impactful conversations and connections made by coworking together in the space. So to encourage more of this, we're hosting our first EAGT unconference event!

In a conference, it’s usually assumed that the speakers should teach the audience. In an unconference, that assumption is flipped, and it tries to be more about the speakers laying out their ideas and plans in the hope that they find people who can help them see how they can do better, or connect with people they can talk to about this more generally.

It’s an informal, flexible, participant-centered event where both the speakers and audience collaborate on the content throughout the event (imagine discussions, brainstorms, or feedback sessions).

Format & topics

During the event, there will be 10 speakers with two 30-minute sessions held simultaneously in separate rooms. Participants are free to walk in between the rooms and decide which of the sessions they wish to attend. The speakers decide how their session is structured, e.g. present for 20 minutes and take quick questions for 10, or present for 5 and discuss with participants for 25, etc.

Our topics & hosts (alphabetical order):

  • Contextualizing EA in Non-Western Contexts – Dion Tan
  • Economic or Emotional Altruism – Shalini Gopalkrishnan
  • Law x EA Presentation and Feedback –Julian Guidote
  • Long term risks from 'minor' catastrophes – Sasha Cooper
  • Making Trillions for Effective Charities through the Consumer Economy – Brad West and Vincent van der Holst
  • Movement Building through Art – Anthony Fleming
  • Productivity for Effective Altruists: How to Use Priorities to Make the Most of Your Time and Energy – Berenike Schriewer (Berenike had to cancel.)
  • Independent research and structural disincentives to optimal strategies – Emrik
  • Why you should work with an EA career coach – Dave Cortright
  • Workflows: an alternative to introductory fellowships – Sofya Lebedeva
  • Writing your first Will while giving to effective charities – Sharang Phadke

Find the full schedule and hosts information here.

EA Gather Town (EAGT) is a 'physical' virtual space for EAs to cowork, socialise and personalise—an all-year-round EAG with perpetual positive productivity, cool people and fun! Unconference #1 is our first experimental public event, please RSVP to help us coordinate better.

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So exciting, this looks like quite the lineup of interesting topics :) 


Hope that there's one in the future which would be easier for people in UTC+12 timezones and similar to make (this event is 1am-3am for my local time). Nonetheless, I'm sure the attendees will get a lot out of this session :) 

Thank you so much for the support Annabel! We choose the timeframe according to the speakers' available time and are aware that some time zones would not be able to attend. We're considering recording the sessions and also taking collective notes for those who missed them, and thus the ideas discussed here can also be further explored (e.g. EA Forum post, in-depth research) after the unconference. Feel free to suggest other solutions!

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