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This summer, in collaboration with DC-based policy professionals, the Stanford Existential Risks Initiative (SERI) is organizing a second virtual speaker series on US policy careers. Sign up to receive further information and event access here.

Please find more information about the speaker series here.

This speaker series is intended to be useful for people who are looking to learn more about which types of US policy jobs are good fits for them and what steps they can take to prepare for these jobs. More than a dozen speakers will share their policy career experiences and provide advice for those seeking to enter the field.

Currently scheduled sessions are:

Q&A session(s) with senior policy practitioners

Working in the executive branch / White House

Working in Congress

Working in think tanks

Graduate school for policy careers (master’s, law school, PhD)

Information session on policy fellowship and job opportunities

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Does anyone have the zoom for todays event. Registered late and not sure I’ll get it.