The EA Forum is a great place - and I come here less frequently than I would like to. I do however check my twitter feed regularly, so I thought it would be nice to have the current top posts in my twitter timeline. 

To that end I created a small Twitter bot (@EAForumPosts) that does exactly that. Essentially, the bot regularly checks all posts from the last 6 days and whenever a post that it hasn't tweeted about before reaches more than 40 karma points, the bot will make a tweet. You can find the code here.

I'm not sure whether '40 karma' is the best way to determine which posts to tweet. Maybe a different cutoff would be better. Or some other criteria? Maybe taking number of comments into account?

I also thought about creating one that tweets randomly selected top posts from the archives. Let me know if you think this would be useful. 

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Would be worth trying out AutoTLDR, to see if it offers good Tweetable summaries.

This is cool! I stay away from Twitter, but I can see this increasing EA's profile among those who use it.

Also there is now a bot (@effective_jobs) that retweets high impact job offers that may be relevant to the EA community

I thought something like this already existed but I could be mistaken.

Yes, there is! It could make more sense to revive it.

That's the one! OP, I think some version of this is definitely worth implementing/revival. I often share various EA articles on my personal twitter feed, and I know people (for example Stefan Schubert) who share EA articles, which captures an audience (that find the content interesting/engaging) that do not always read the EAF regularly.

Ah yes, I had seen the @ealtruist account - but as far as I can tell someone did that manually (it doesn't look like a bot) and then stopped. 

We could also merge the two - use the old account with this code or something. In principle open for that