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While there is no shortage of detailed information on master’s degrees, we think that there is a lack of perspectives from students that have actually completed the program and experienced the university.

Therefore we decided to write articles on multiple European master's programs on Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, and related fields. The texts are supposed to give prospective students an honest evaluation of the teaching, research, industry opportunities, and city life of a specific program. Since many of the authors are Effective Altruists and interested in AI safety a respective section is often included as well.

It may not always be obvious, but there are many English-language degrees across Europe. Compared to America, these can be more affordable, offer more favorable visa terms, and a higher quality of life. We hope that you will consider bringing your talents to Europe. These are the articles that have already been written:

This selection of Master’s programs is not an ultimate list of “good” master's programs – we just happened to know the authors of the articles. If you want to add an article about any ML-related program anywhere in the world don’t hesitate to contact us and we will add it to the list. We also don't claim that this is a complete overview of the respective programs and want to emphasize that this does not necessarily reflect the perception of all students within that program. 

Authors: Marius (lead organizer), Leon (lead organizer), Marco, Xander, David, Lauro, Jérémy, Ago, Richard, James, Javier, Charlie,  Magdalena, Kyle. 




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Thanks for putting this together. I'd be interested in the UCL write-up - is there an estimate on when that might be out please? 



unfortunately, we do not expect this writeup to be created anymore. We deleted the promise from the article for now.


Best wishes,


Ah ok, no worries. I'm considering the course - do you know anyone who's currently on it?

This looks like it could be really useful for aspiring AI/ML students, thanks a lot for compiling this! 

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