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I am a bioethicist at a US Hospital designated as one of 13 Regional Emerging Special Pathogen Treatment Centers in the US, meaning that we are one of the centers that would potentially treat the first patients in the event of a new pandemic. I have been asked to advise and formulate guidance on ethical considerations. 

One issue I would like to explore is if/when/to what extent clinicians who treat infected patients should be isolated to reduce further spread.  

My relatively uninformed current understanding is that there are now procedures to check for and take measures in response to identified failures of personal protective equipment (PPE), but nothing that accounts for risk of clinician infection due to an undetected failure. Current practice would be for clinicians treating special pathogens patients to continue their ordinary professional routines treating other patients, and ordinary personal routines in the community.     

Would be interested whether others have suggestions for experts or literature I should consult for an EA / biorisk perspective. 




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