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This question on the EA Facebook group got some especially not EA answers. This seems not great given many people possibly first interact with EA via Facebook. I tend to ignore this group and maybe others do the same, but if this post is representative then we probably need to put more effort in there to make sure comments are moderated or replied to so it's at least clear who is speaking with an EA perspective and who isn't.

Reading this article about the security value of inefficiency, I get the idea that a possibly neglected policy area for EAs is economic resilience, i.e. the idea that we can increase welfare of people both in the short and long term by ensuring our economies don't become brittle or fragile and collapse, wiping out welfare gains from modern economies and cutting off paths to greater welfare gains through economic growth in the future, or at least setting such growth back, causing harm, or making it economically unviable to work on averting existential risks.

Seems possibly related to other policy work focused on things like improving institutions for similar reasons, but more directed at economic policy rather than institution design.