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There are now hundreds of these intensive courses around the world, most of which seem to end with a group project on which 2-5 newbie coders will work something in the order of 100 hours each. Usually they result in a toy project whose only purpose is being part of someone's beginner portfolio. I suspect a lot of people on these courses would be interested in doing something socially valuable if there was a convenient, easy-to-access db of projects that the bootcamp could direct them to.

Relatedly, I'm 3.5 weeks away from starting such a project in a data science bootcamp, and would be interested to hear about it if anyone has projects they think would roughly fit the amount of time available.




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Good question! This place seems designed to do high impact final projects, but I don't think they use an EA framework to define impact. They seem quite altruistic though. https://www.datascienceforsocialgood.org/

I think this is a great idea; I've had similar thoughts.  Here are a few repositories of research questions that might work (or could spark further ideas)!  These lists aren't mine, but I have read through them and some listed projects seem like they would be a good fit.



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