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Training for Good is offering a free training programme in salary negotiation, to help you increase ​the amount you donate to effective charities.

This programme will consist of two workshops: a 3 hour salary negotiation workshop on Feb 26 2022 and a 1.5 hour practice session on Mar 12 2022. The application deadline is January 30th.

All training is free and will be run online.​ We therefore ask that all attendees pledge to donate at least 50% of their salary increase to effective charities. (Although we understand that people have very different circumstances and are happy to discuss any and all cases). 

Apply here.​


This training programme will consist of:

  • Salary Negotiation Workshop (part one). A 3 hour interactive workshop in salary negotiation covering the following topics:​
    • Prepare your case: Using the pre-session worksheets, we’ll build a compelling case for your raise. You’ll practice presenting this case & receive feedback from other trainees about the strongest elements and how best to improve it.
    • Develop a plan: You’ll develop a step-by-step approach for seeking a salary increase, from the initial message you’ll send to the exact counter-offers that you expect to make at each stage of the negotiation process.
    • Build the skill: We’ll discuss the shape that we want the conversation with your manager to take and provide an overview of the specific tactics that you can use to make this happen. In small groups, you’ll do a short 5-minute role play, practicing the conversation with your manager.
  • ​Practice Session (part two). A 1.5 hour practice session where you'll practice your negotiation skills with other trainees, receiving feedback and refining your approach.
  • Pre-session worksheets. These are to be completed and returned ahead of both sessions and are expected to take 1-2 hours per session.


By the end of the workshop, you will have

  • Developed a clear plan for navigating the negotiation process from start to finish.
  • Determined a precise salary goal and a compelling rationale for why you deserve it.
  • Improved your negotiation skills to drive up your earning (and giving) potential.
  • Increased confidence to ask for and successfully negotiate a significant salary increase.


We’ll run two separate programmes to accommodate different time zones:

  • Europe/Asia
    • Salary Negotiation Workshop (part one): 26th February, 10am - 1pm (UTC)
    • Practice Session (part two): 12th March, 10am - 11.30am (UTC)
  • Americas
    • Salary Negotiation Workshop (part one): 26th February, 3pm - 6pm (UTC)
    • Practice Session (part two): 12th March, 4.30pm - 6pm (UTC)


~25 people attended the first iteration of this workshop at the end of 2021 (quite a few of whom have already negotiated sizable salary increases).

From 15 respondents, our workshop received a net promoter score of 4.8 / 5. Below, I've copied the testimonials we received from our final session to give a flavour of the sessions:

  • It gives you all the tools you need, and the confidence to use them.
  • Negotiating a higher salary is one of the best ways to advance your career, be more valued, and do more good in the world and I'm so glad I took advantage of Training for Good's free salary negotiation program. The session was well-organized, engaging, and provided numerous key insights about the salary negotiation process. Highly recommend.
  • Steve & Cillian ran a 3 hour 'earning to give' negotiation workshop which was very helpful in convincing that you can & should negotiate! They are friendly & experienced with a lot of interesting & useful resources. Thanks for having me, and excited to see how the workshops & Training for Good evolve!
  • I can probably write that better after some time when I know what the outcome is. I'd prefer to do it anonymously so that my (future) employer cannot read it. For now, I would write something like this: 
    • "Thank you for an engaging workshop. It provided me a strong basis on how to negotiate and a safe space to discuss the relevant considerations to make my case with other participants."
  • I found Training For Good's workshop extremely valuable in guiding me through the process of assessing my market value and building confidence in approaching salary negotiation. I enjoyed learning from the coaches and peers in a similar situation to myself.





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Is it mainly for the for-profit case? For instance, in academia, there is not very much room for salary negotiation, but instead the focus is on the startup package (reduced teaching, lab budget, funding for students, etc).

It's mainly designed for the for-profit case but I'd be excited to see academics working on important topics use this programme to negotiate for non-monetary benefits that could increase their impact!

Although some of the content would not be 100% relevant, most of the tools we cover are cross-applicable to any negotiation. The basic framework of the programme would also allow participants to replace "salary goal" with their alternative negotiation goal.

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