TL;DR—While the specifics available thus far are underwhelming, it seems notable and a net-positive that cooperation on AI policy is—for the first time—on the G7 Summit agenda this weekend.  The readout below is from an April meeting that was convened to lay the groundwork for AI policy discussions at the summit.  It gives a general vibe of what to expect:

“We plan to convene future G7 discussions on generative AI, which could include topics such as governance, how to safeguard intellectual property rights including copyright, promote transparency, address disinformation … and how to responsibly utilize these technologies,” a joint statement from the meeting said.

Other similar articles—which cover slightly different angles—are here and here.

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Lenny - thanks for sharing this info.

China isn't in the G7, but it is in the G20. (Ditto for India)

Hopefully whatever the G-7 does with regard to AI policy will be considered more broadly by the G20, so that China and Indian, the world's two most populous countries, are included. Rather than any G-7 initiatives being perceived as just the US and the West bullying other countries into AI submission.

Excellent news! Global cooperation is exactly what's needed. Not only to in fact address the problem, but also as a counterpoint to one of the pillars of accelerationism i.e. the view that global cooperation on AI is impossible