I was surprised this video wasn't cross-posted here yet. I found the visualization moving and an alarming reminder of just how bad a nuclear exchange would be. 




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I find it disappointing they reference nuclear winter without qualifying that it is quite unlikely given today's arsenals. I would reccomend against sharing it in it's current state.


But that analysis by Luisa Rodriguez still predicts a fairly bad nuclear autumn that could kill roughly 30 to 90% of humanity.

Agreed - I do not mean to imply nuclear holocaust would not be horrible.

I do not think the FLI should cherry pick extraordinarily high numbers to make that case though, and them doing so/us sharing them doing so eats away at our epistemic commons.

I'd really rather not show that video to a well informed friend as they'd go "Wait, but I know that's wrong" and then discount other things I say about X-Risk.

Fair point. I guess the key problem is the lamentable lack of research on nuclear winter compared to other possible forms of climate change.

Google Scholar for example shows only 14,900 entries for "nuclear winter", versus 2.6 million for 'global warming', and 3 million for 'climate change'.

So, we've got roughly 375 times as much research on global warming as on nuclear winter.

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