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Recently, I've seen plenty of movements aimed at saving soil. Their primary concerns seem to revolve around some UN-supported reports which have claimed:

'One-third of the planet's productive soil has been lost in the last 40 years'

'At the current rate of erosion, the Earth would lose all its productive soil within 60 years.' 

'Every 5 seconds, we lose the soil equivalent of one soccer field'

If these reports are true, this qualifies as a major x risk.  However, I have not seen anything about it in EA. 

If anyone here has some knowledge of the issue, can you brief me regarding it? 

I also wish to know whether or not the EA has its eyes on it.

I googled it and found: "These claims are overblown, but soil erosion is a problem and we can do something about it."

Thanks for the reply. Looks like this article is speaking facts. 

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