Hello! I create visuals for research articles, websites, presentations, grant proposals, and other research outputs and I'm interested in working with EA-aligned organisations and researchers to increase my positive impact. If you'd like to know more about how I can help you out, book a consultation here.

I often create diagrams to summarise research projects:

But I've also created technical diagrams to visualise equipment for research:

And summaries of academic research outputs:

Also, some diagrams to help understand and learn science:

I usually charge ~£80 ($100) per hour depending on the difficulty of the request. But if your work is EA-aligned then I'll accept a donation to GWWC instead, as I'm keen to support organisations working on high-impact research. 

It's usually easiest to have a quick chat about what you do and then we can discuss how I can help you. Just a block of text copy and pasted from an article or webpage is usually enough for me to create a visual. 


Look forward to hearing from you!

My website: https://www.stonescience.org/illustrations

My email: jordan@stonescience.org 

Book a consultation: https://savvycal.com/AstroJordanStone/2cb3cbdb




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This is fantastic, a perfect example of how the arts amplify EA ideas making them more palatable and available to non experts. That’s why we have EA Artists & Creatives group, as well as EA Creatives & Communicators and Artists of Impact and more.

Hi Jeffrey,

Would it make sense to link to the groups you mention?

Yes they are mostly in EA Anywhere under #role-artists and #role-film-and-tv. There is also an in real life gathering of marketers and creatives in EA NYC. Artists of Impact is an early stage org drawing professional artists toward effective giving similar to how others have done that with athletes.

Oh and for the poster, there is a group called "All in Awe" that helps place graphic artists with EA org's...maybe they could place you in some jobs.

These are beautiful! Thanks for your generous offer to the community, this seems very valuable!

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