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Seems prima facie bad that orgs in the Effective Ventures umbrella ask employees, contractors and volunteers to sign NDAs without reassurance of whistleblower protections. Even if the content of the NDA is mundane, it will have a chilling effect.

Thanks! I'd like to have reasonable whistleblower protections at my org, do you have any templates that you think are good?

Not yet!

In the meantime, I hereby offer to publish whistleblowers' statements if they need to be protected by anonymity. I will ask the source for evidence of who employs them (if relevant).

Should I refuse to sign an NDA if I am hired by such an organisation in the future and don’t have the assurance of whistleblower protections?

A title-only post written by a friend:

Okay, But Do Actually Purchase The Fuzzies Though

In reference to this post: Purchase Fuzzies And Utilons Separately

Doing Food Better

EA Tasty is a different kind of food blog. It’s all about two things: doing good and eating well.

From EA Tasty / Lucia Coulter, a classic recipe formula (oh fine, 'meta-recipe') from 2017 that I've used dozens of times:

This super easy recipe formula is just brilliant. It makes a wonderful variety of delicious, healthy, cheap, and ethical meals. I use it pretty much every day, so thought it would be worth sharing. Just choose whichever ingredients you’re in the mood for and can find cheaply, follow the directions, and a few minutes later you’ll have an amazing meal ready to enjoy!

You'll need to log in to Wordpress to view the post. Check out the other recipes, too.

I have taken to calling the result of this recipe formula 'mulge', which does little to advertise its benefits, but accurately conveys the spirit of combining various unspecified things into a fairly homogenous and enjoyable aggregate.

accidental duplicate post

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