There hasn’t been as much sense-making around the FTX catastrophe as I would have liked, so we worked quickly to put together a special episode of the Clearer Thinking podcast on the topic. 

We discuss how more than ten billion dollars of apparent value was lost in a matter of days, the timeline of what happened,  deception and confusion related to the event, why this catastrophe took place in the first place, and what this means for communities connected to it. 


If you’re interested, here it is:


The first portion covers the timeline of events, and after that there are interviews with 5 guests who give their take on the events:


  • 00:01:37 — Intro & timeline
  • 00:51:48 — Byrne Hobart
  • 01:39:52 — Vipul Naik
  • 02:18:35 — Maomao Hu
  • 02:41:19 — Marcus Abramovitch
  • 02:49:38 — Ozzie Gooen
  • 03:21:40 — Wrap-up & outro
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The credits mention a transcriptionist but I can't find a there one?

There isn't a transcript available for this episode (we sometimes have them for our episodes).

nice work and what a great line-up. tuning in!

Great podcast, with not just one but five highly informative experts covering different aspects of the crisis. The intro and timeline was a very clear overview.

Ozzie Gooen was especially helpful on the EA background and implications.

Highly recommend for all EAs.

Thanks for doing this, Spencer. Excited to listen to it.

Thanks Spencer, really appreciated the variety of guests, this was a great podcast.

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