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Hello. I have multiple ideas for a virtual assistant agency, including things that would be helpful for those with disabilities and those who have case management needs. (Phone calls, scheduling, reminders, tracking symptoms and progress, etc.)

Currently, most virtual assistant services are for businesses, not individuals. I am interested in these ideas as a consumer, I’m not interested in starting my own agency by myself just so I can get these services. I’d like these ideas to be facilitated by someone who believes in effective altruism so there are high ethical standards to prevent exploitation of workers and low quality services for clients, as is all too common for disability services. 

I was wondering if anyone here has a virtual assistant agency or knows an effective altruist who has an agency, or knows where I could find someone who could do this.





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Hi Benjamin, here's a few people you could contact who I know are actively working on this and would be able to connect you with others:  

  • Holly Morgan has been helping some EAs with this as well
  • Nonlinear is currently incubating a hiring agency which will focus on PAs, so you could reach out to Kat Woods (co-founder)
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