I was just reading about the remittances company Wave that was recently valued at $1.7B, and then started thinking more broadly about the concept: take an activity that is extraordinarily positive for the economy and development, and make it easier and cheaper.

Is there any way to do something similar for immigration? Does anyone know of a company doing anything in this regard?

This could be a timely issue to think about given structural labor shortages in certain fields (elderly care, child care, health care, agriculture, etc.) created by demographics. It's arguably inevitable that the United States and other developed countries will need more immigration to maintain labor force growth, and the business community will be very supportive. 




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I’m not very well versed on what good methods would be to increase migration, but I think there’s need for an international organisation that advocates for / researches policy change towards more lenient immigration policies, focused on making it easier to migrate from the poorest to the richest countries.

For example, such an org could try to identify which rich country would be the best within which to push for more lenient immigration rules.

I hope to do a post about this at some point after having given the idea more thought.

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