The AIM Grantmaking Mental Health Funding Circle will hold its spring round in April, with applications due March 31st and decisions expected in early May. 

Grantee applicants can follow the instructions here to apply. If you are working on an effective mental health project, we strongly encourage you to do so! In previous iterations, we have allocated ~$500,000 per round to projects working on depression, anxiety, suicide prevention, EA-facing mental health work, research, meta research, and more. See lists of our previous grantees here.

Additionally, we have a couple of spots available for funders to join us. Specifically, if you currently give or are interested in giving at least $50,000 annually to the cause of mental health, would like to take part in an engaging funding circle format to share knowledge and grantee due diligence, and are committed to effective philanthropic practices, we encourage you to reach out! If you are broadly interested in donor coordination but not sold on mental health, we have other circles focused on meta and global health - see here for more information. 

For further motivation, here’s a testimonial from a previous member of the MHFC: “Although my funding priorities have shifted, the MHFC was an invaluable resource for my mental health grantmaking. I found my best MH grants ever through their open rounds, and found the community to be very engaged and supportive.” 




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@mincho perhaps this is relevant to your ideas about addiction and overdose interventions? 

Thanks Toby!  Could be perfect @tobytrem 

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